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One of the BEST Core exercises!

plank photo


This is one of the best core exercises, it’s a body weight exercise that forces your core (all of your ab’s) your hips and back to hold up your body weight. Simple to perform, the main thing you want to do is make sure your hips and back align up in the air with your glutes (butt). Make it a goal to work your way up to 1 minute! Even if you start at 20 seconds, keep doing them every other day, do 3-5 sets and each week increase 10 seconds on your time. Not only does this strengthen your core, but planks strengthen your back, so if you have back problems, they are great, also with a strong core you can have more balance. Planks also burn calories, according to many sources, a 1 minute plank can burn 15-20 calories. The best thing about a plank, is that you don’t need any equipment, all you need is your body! So start planking!


The key to Getting motivated to working out!

What is the key to getting motivated to workout? Its the same as the key to motivation period! It’s called : COMMITMENT! Commitment is doing things even when your emotions don’t feel like it! So workout when you feel tired! Or sluggish! Sad or grumpy! Because if you can workout when you don’t feel like it, then you will workout when you feel like it!




Do You want a flat stomach?

Do you want a flat stomach?

Sure you do! Not everyone wants abs to show (although its getting more popular in society today) but everyone wants a flat stomach or a reduction in stomach size. The only problem is most don’t know how to obtain it. I get questions all the time like, “do I need to run alot?” “do I need to do more crunches” “is it about what I’m eating?”

The answer is 2 things , number 1 what you eat and number 2 your workouts. When you eat right, foods high in nutrients, and good portion control of your foods, this allows your body to use your foods appropriately. For example, eating the right lean meats (chicken, fish , turkey and lean cuts of red meats) allows your body to absorb more protein for your muscles. Eating fruits, allows your body to operate off of natural energy, and the same goes for vegetables. When you combine working out to your daily activities, this allows you to burn calories, tone up your muscles, which shapes up your body. As you burn calories, you will shed fat in different areas of your body, from your head to your toe! This means gradually your stomach will shrink, until one day you have a flat tummy, but if you stay with it longer, your abs will show!

I hope this answered your question, have a great day!