Monthly Archives: February 2018

A dog can help you loose weight

Yes having a dog can not only be beneficial for your mental an emotional health but also beneficial for your physical health. By having a dog, he or she will encourage you to get out and walk, jog or run more. They will get you standing up more to play with them, so if you need another reason to get a dog this is it!

5 Items you can consume guilt free at McDonalds

These 5 items below are foods you can order at McDonalds (or any fast food restaurant) without worrying about your waist size increasing:

1. Water- unlimited quantities

2. Coffee- sugar and cream free unlimited quantities

3. unsweet tea- unlimited quantities

4. bacon or sausage-stick to 4-6oz servings , no more than 2 servings

5. eggs 3 eggs max

If you only work one muscle each week, then work this one

If you only could work one muscle each week and you wanted to maximize your workouts, then I would suggest you work your legs! Legs are your biggest muscle, they’re half of your body so when you work these muscles, you’re burning a lot of calories. Also squats are the number 1 core workout, most people don’t know this but, when you are squatting, you’re working your core. So if there’s any muscle to work that’s vital to being in good shape, it’s going to be your legs.