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Did you know red wine is good for you?

Yes red wine is good for you. How? You may ask? Red wine is first good for the heart, it helps lower bad cholesterol or LDL, which are the small dense particles in our bodies that cause heart problems. Also Red wine is a natural sleep aid because it thins out our blood, enabling us to fall asleep faster and longer. Red wine has anti breast cancer benefits, multiple studies have cited the benefits of drinking red wine and how it combats cancer cells in the breast. Lastly red win has a score of 0 on the glycemic index, which means it has no affect on our blood sugar, less insulin spikes and less fat added to our bodies. So drink red wine in moderation, 1-2 5oz glasses a day. Remember it does have around 125 calories per 5oz cup, meaning it’ll have some affect on blood sugar if you get carried away.

Why does fat accumulate on my stomach?

You maybe noticing that your arms are for the most part fine, and legs are fine as well, but for some reason you have fat on your stomach. And you want to get it off ASAP. Well the reason you have fat on your stomach is because that’s where your fat enzymes are stored on your body. They are held in your stomach for most men, and most women post menopause. For women in general fat enzymes are stored hips and lower, that’s why most woman gain fat and curves at the same time. For men its directly in the stomach, where we store fat. The only way to lose it, is to eat foods that are low in sugar and lift heavy weights!

Focused energy during workout

The key to a successful workout is focused energy. It’s not being distracted during workouts. It’s not taking your eye off of your workout, no instead it is focused driven workouts where you know what you need to do next and you’re goal is to get it done the best you can do it.

Focus on Consistency !

Focus on consistency, that’s the key to any success. Treating people right comes from daily consistent good behaviors towards common man. Being financially stable comes with daily good consistent behavior of giving, saving and spending on primarily needs. To be successful with your fitness goals, it comes with first eating right every meal you can, and working out every week, wether that’s 1 time a week or 5 times a week, then finally getting adequate sleep.

Insulin Stability > Calories consumed or Burnt

When discussing weight-loss, insulin stability is more important than calories consumed or burnt. It’s great monitoring your calories, and monitoring how many calories you burnt, its good to know and its great math. But outside of that it’s irrelative to losing weight. The reason is because if you burn 200 calories, that just means you’re building more of an appetite up for later, and most like you will exceed your calorie consumption with hunger. Also calories consumed is pretty much irrelevant when it comes to weight loss because a calorie is not a calorie in all things measured. Different foods affect us differently, so 200 calories of a muffin is going to put on more fat then 200 calories of a protein shake or chicken. Reason why is because a muffin will spike your insulin levels more and longer, meaning excess insulin converts to more fat stored in the body. And the longer it is spike then the more insulin is converted to fat. So always think insulin stability when considering weight loss, foods like fish, chicken, steak, nuts, avocados, veggies.

Be Patient with yourself

Be patient with yourself, be patient with your progress and with your work. I know you want results instantaneously. But it takes time, some weeks you’ll loose 5 pounds and others 0 pounds but everything is working towards your benefit. You’ll eventually look up and be at your goal. Keep going.

What drinks should I choose when I’m eating fast food?

So you’re out eating fast food, (which hopefully you’ve selected healthy food to eat like a salad, or bare chicken nuggets or a burger with no bread. And the server now asks you “what would you like to drink” because most meals come with a drink and you don’t want to waste the drink right? First I’d recommend getting a bottled water, but if you don’t wanna spend the extra they charge then I say opt for unsweetened tea. This will be your best option out of everything. Unsweetened tea is the equivalent to unsweetened coffee, it has caffeine which is a natural fat burner and there’s no sugar, no sugar added and it’s not naturally sweet at all. If somehow you want something with more substance, then get tea with stevia, and if that doesn’t work then opt for diet drinks.