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Can I have alcohol? And still reach my goals?

You can stay away from bad carbs like bread, pasta, candies, sodas, white rice, because you know that brown rice taste good, pasta is not something your eat everyday, sodas, candies are foods you rarely eat anyways. Bread is something that will be tough for you, (celebrity trainer dallas, in home personal trainer dallas) but you can do it because you want to reach your goals. The hard part for you will be alcohol because that’s the normal day to day stuff you want. You use alcohol to get through your day, to get through your week, and to make your weekends better. So I will tell you that you can have alcohol, but only a certain type and only in moderation. Stick to dry red wines and 5-10oz a day! Bam thats plenty!

The importance of water

Almost all nutritionist and personal trainers highly recommend people to drink a lot of water. Even the National Institute of Health recommends men 128 oz of water a day and women 91 oz of water a day. The reason why is many. For one water helps keep the kidneys and pancreas in good function for your daily flushing and activities that goes on in your body. When you eat food , your body needs the proper fluid (water in most cases) to keep the food flowing throughout the body. Next you body needs water to keep your cells and skin hydrated, if you don’t drink any water at all you can die of dehydration, you can feel tired a lot, and your skin will be very dry. Lastly and important to your weight loss goals, or muscle building goals, water helps you feel full so if you’re aiming to achieve weight loss then water is key for that. Also our muscles are comprised of 70% water, so the more water the more muscle you will have on you. So keep drinking water throughout the day.

3 ways to motivate yourself to being healthier.

1. Admitting your weakness, acknowledging that you have a weakness in eating and working out is the first step towards achieving your goals.

2. Determine what your strategy will be, what you will do to execute your plan to being healthier and fit.

3. Executing the plan. Doing what you said you’ll do even when you don’t feel like it. Eating right, and working out, doing the intangibles to getting to your goals.

Benefits of weight training

Benefits of weight training:

1. Increase lean muscle mass

2. Burn calories that day

3. Burn calories several days after

4. Helps speed up your metabolism

5. Improves your strength

6. Improves your posture

A good way to ease the mind…

Do you have a lot on your mind? Have you been stressed out lately? Or feeling overwhelmed? Then I suggest for you to go for a walk. Take time out of your busy day to spend time with you. Take yourself for a walk. Walking outside has been shown to lower stress levels, improve self esteem and it’s great for cardio vascular health. So if you will make time today, then go for a nice walk.

3 ways to resist food temptation

1. Stay full, eat high protein and fibrous foods that will lower your cravings for bad food.

2. Everyday drink half your body weight in water and you’ll stay fuller throughout the day

3. Just resist, use your will power and resist bad foods.

If you could only workout 1 day a week, this is what I would do

If you only had one day a week to workout, I’d recommend that you work your legs heavy, and do total body movements. I would do the follow leg routines below:

1. Squat heavy sets of 5 reps

2. Deadlifts heavy same

3. Leg press heavy

4. Lunges moderate weight higher reps

Then I would do the follow total body exercises below:

1. Squat to curl and press

2. Lunge to row

3. Burpees

The 3 biggest sacrifices to your health

The 3 biggest sacrifices you must make to achieve better health are as follows:

1. Time, you have to set aside time to meal prep your food, to workout, and to even sleep. This means possibly missing your favorite tv show, or watching tv standing up working. This means sacrificing going out to eat, to instead eat your prepped meals.

2. Pain, you got to be willing to be sore somedays, to be willing to wake up the next days in aches and pains from working out. Dealing with the pain of not eating what you really want to eat.

3. Clothing, yes this maybe funny but you have to know that as you lose fat, and add muscle, your jeans will fit differently, your shirts will fit differently. You’ll have to get a new wardrobe but this is a good sacrifice you will make.

The case against Bread

Unless you have a gluten intolerance it’s hard to turn down bread. Most american restaurants you go to will offer bread for free to the table. Restaurants like olive garden have it at the table after you sit down, Texas roadhouse brings them to your table as you’re walking in with some good tasting cinnamon butter to put on them. Yesterday I went to 54th street and the second thing they brought out after our drinks was some good smelling dark bread and honey butter. It was so tough to say no, every nerve in my body wanted that bread so badly. And the thing about bread is that it’s hard to stop, like meat or veggies, when you eat a decent size amount you get to a point of fullness. That’s not the case for bread, you constantly want more until 20-30 minutes later you are fuller than a hot air balloon ready to land. So to stop eating bread you literally have to divorce yourself from it. Say no to it for a certain amount of time or for good, and you’ll see your waist getting smaller and smaller!