80 Percent of Success is Attendance!

80 percent

80% of success is just showing up, it’s just being present, most people wont even do this! 80% of success with fitness is just about being at the gym, or being dressed up to workout at home or with a group. Once you get there, you’re already 80% there, now you just have to do the workout. Think about your job, 80% of success in the work field is just showing up to your job, and being there on time, most people don’t do that! Think about school, 80% is just showing up and being at your desk on time, after that it’s just work and study but again most people wont show up! So make a decision to go to the gym or where you workout, after that it’s a matter of doing the work! You can do it! Just start by showing up to the gym! Then do the work!