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Start your day with least 30 grams of protein

Start your day with at least 30 grams of protein a day. Wether that’s through meats (preferred) or through protein shakes or nuts. Aim for at least 30 grams a day with option of doing more than 30. Some days you may do 40 or 50 grams of protein. The reason why for this is because it will allow you to fee fuller longer, and eat less throughout the day.

How to be sure to reach your weight loss goals

To be sure to reach your weight loss goals, you need to be meticulous about your eating. This takes meal prepping for half the week, or for a full week. Sticking to eating just the food you prepped and drinking water only. If you do this, you can be sure to reach your weight loss goals!

150 Swings in a day, melts fat away!

150 kettle swings a week has been shown to help reduce weight significantly. I recommend getting the proper form first and then working your way up to swinging half your body weight. Start with light way to get accustomed to the swings. Each week aim to increase the kettle bell or you can use dumbbell and increase 5lbs. Until one week you’re at half your body weight.

No more holidays, no more excuses!

Alright folks, there are no more major celebrating holidays left. Your calendar is clear until Easter and July 4th. All the bad eating holidays are out of the way. It’s time for you to buckle down and focus on eating healthy, working out and getting the healthy body you’ve been dreaming of, you can do it!

If you’re going to drink then drink this

If you’re going out with your guy friends or girl friends or family and y’all are about to do some drinking then stick to dry red wine. Dry red wine has several benefits, one is that its low sugar, since there’s no added sugar then its sugar content comes from the natural way its fermented. Second it’s good for heart health with lowering LDL and raising HDL. And lastly it has some anti cancer benefits, studies have shown red wine lowers the risk of breast cancer in women. Remember moderation with drinking, 1-2 glasses a day is maximum, with he servings being 5oz each.

Here’s a good home workout for you

Home workout:

3×10 body weight squats–3×10 wide pushups—3×15 mini crunches

3×10 wide body weight squats—3×10 triangle pushups—3×15 bicycle crunches

3×10 body weight lunges—3×10 close pushups—3×30-90 second planks

Gym is great therapy!

Whenever you’re mad, sad, stressed, or even overwhelmingly excited, it’s always good to get a good workout in to release that stored up energy. Think about when you’re mad or sad or stressed or even too excited, a lot of times you may resort to alcohol or drugs, or dangerous relationships or activity. Instead of making that decision, look to getting a workout in to release that energy.

A dog can help you loose weight

Yes having a dog can not only be beneficial for your mental an emotional health but also beneficial for your physical health. By having a dog, he or she will encourage you to get out and walk, jog or run more. They will get you standing up more to play with them, so if you need another reason to get a dog this is it!

5 Items you can consume guilt free at McDonalds

These 5 items below are foods you can order at McDonalds (or any fast food restaurant) without worrying about your waist size increasing:

1. Water- unlimited quantities

2. Coffee- sugar and cream free unlimited quantities

3. unsweet tea- unlimited quantities

4. bacon or sausage-stick to 4-6oz servings , no more than 2 servings

5. eggs 3 eggs max