Can I ever cheat on my meals?

Yes you can! I don’t believe most people can eat perfect 100% of the time! And lets even dare to ask, what is eating perfect consist of? If we got real with that question, you would be asking a person to consume certain meats, with them being only grass fed. Also you would only eat organic fruits, vegetables, and nuts, and anything outside of that would be cheating. No process foods at all! So if your an average eater who is trying to eat clean and healthy, then I’d recommend that you cheat on your diet once a week! Yes I said once a week, choose a day after 12 pm and eat anything you want for the rest of that day! Your body will be calling and craving for fatty high calorie foods, and if you can stick to cheating once a week then your body wont fall off! You can do this, I know you can!