December 2, 2018

December 2, 2018 is a new day for you. It’s a new day for you to go for your goals, a new day for you to enjoy. Today is a day to choose to workout, to eat right. Every decision you make today is making for new you tomorrow. The saying goes “you’re born looking like your family, but you die looking like your decisions” what decisions will you make to better yourself today?

It’s about making the majority of your decisions to align with your purpose, to make the majority of your decisions to match your goals. Whats the majority, well 70-80% of your decisions should match what ever it is you so desire. If you desire to loose weight and you make 10 decisions today then 7-8 of them should align with weight loss goals. That is eating, thoughts,workouts, meal planning, meal buying, meal prepping, clothes you buy, things you watch, things you read. All of that should align with weight loss.

When you do this, you’ll begin to see results. But it’s not enough to do it one day, you must do it everyday. 70-80 % of your week, 70-80 % of your month, 70-80% of your year, and finally 70–80% of your decade. And you’ll look back 10 years later and say WOW I did it!