Every workout is a good workout!

Let’s face it, some days you wont feel good, someday you wont have your best but every workout counts. Every workout is a good workout! I don’t like when people say “if you don’t give 100 then don’t give at all” to me that’s saying if you’re not gonna go all out on your workout then don’t do anything today, just be lazy and not burn those calories. Can I be honest with you? There’s been tons of time I’ve given 50% 40% 30% in the gym but even through those times I’ve had progress because it’s really not about how much effort you put into each workout, it’s more about working out every day you can, meaning consistency. If you get consistency down then you will reap results, because there will be days you go 100% in the gym, there will be days you go 110% in the gym. So my main thing is get it in however you can, consistency.photo for blog 64