Genetics Play a role in your body structure

I know people always look at those who are over weight and say “they eat too much and they’re lazy” and we look at super thin people and say “they don’t eat enough they need to lift some weights”. But I’ll be the first to tell you if you haven’t heard that genetics play a major role. I don’t say this to give people a pass or excuse but to say that some people have a harder role because of genetics. Think about how some people naturally are smart. You know the people with “photo-graphic memory” yes those people, you may say its not fair but we as humans are born with natural gifts, strengths in certain areas and certain areas we are weak. The key is to show our strengths but always work on our weakness until they’re not our weaknesses. A person who genetically puts on weight easily is referred to scientifically as endo-morph body type. This person is insulin sensitive to most foods, especially carbs. This person needs to limit carb consumption and workout and they can have a lean body. The person who struggles putting on weight maybe have a tougher goal because they’re going to have to eat more carbs. This person is referred to as Ecto-morph, they are carb in-sensitive. So they need to eat a lot more carbs and lift heavy weights. Either way if your genetically at a weakness with your body, you can over come this by eating right and working out.