How to build a sexy booty?

How to Build Your Booty (How to Build a Better Booty)

Of all the muscle groups, the booty deserves to be made a top priority. Besides the fact that a well-toned, derriere turns heads, a strong butt also protects your lower back from injury, makes you stronger and day to day activities, including working out, a lot safer. That said building a firm, strong, booty doesn’t happen accidentally. It takes work, but the payoff it fantastic.

First, a Little Something about the Booty The booty is made up of three primary muscles – the Gluteus minimus which is the glute muscle, located under the gluteus medius; the Gluteus medius, located close to the outside of the pelvis; Gluteus maximus, the biggest muscle in the human body. The gluteus maximus is made up of a combination of two main components:

Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers These are rapid firing muscle fibers that are utilized for bursts of power or speed.

Slow twitch muscle fibers These muscle fibers act as the booty’s workhorses during aerobic exercises. Varied studies have shown that the glutei medius and glutei minimus are primarily comprised of slow twitch muscles.

Build Your Booty Exercises

1. Strength training with both high load/low reps, including heavy weight squats that will work your fast twitch muscles. 2. Low load/high reps and endurance exercise routines that including stair climbing and running, working the slow twitch muscles. 3. The glute bridge which is a great yoga style exercise that not only helps build a better booty, but improves core stabilization and helps prevent lower back pain, since the lumbar spine is stabilized during the lower body extension, reducing lower back strain. To perform the glute bridge, lay on the floor with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor. Next, squeeze your glutes as you raise your pelvis up off of the floor, high enough to establish a straight line between the knees, hips and shoulders.

Healthy Living; Good Nutrition and Exercise = A beautiful booty Building your booty isn’t just about building muscle. One of the biggest considerations when it comes to your butt’s appearance is influenced by the fat that’s layered over the glutes you’re working so hard on defining. One of your primary goals when it comes to have a great butt is to burn fat while you work on your hard earned muscle. This is especially the case with female’s who accumulate adipose tissue in their posteriors. While the muscles are shaped like men’s, they differ in orientation because pelvis marginally wider. If there’s extra fat obscuring your behind’s hidden beauty, the best thing you can do to uncover its “best side” is to adhere to a healthy diet (approx. 1500 calories a day) and include regular cardio exercises every day (or at least most days) to burn fat.

The combination of a healthy diet, toning and cardio will ensure that you get the best booty you can have and that should be your goal. Get away from the “I want her booty” mindset. Instead, work with your own structure and maximize what you have. That’s something anybody who is willing to get off their booty and move it can for blog