How to stay commited to your fitness goals!

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My favorite definition of commitement is: do the thing you said you would do long after the feeling or mood has left you. The means if you set a goal of working out 5 days a week this year then in February when your not feeling well, or your super tired, or not in a good mood,or even have a very busy day, you will still make time to get your workout in. See its staying commited to doing the right activity daily that leads to your goals. The length of commitment depends on your goal, alot of times the bigger the goal, the longer the commitment, and some commitments never end. For example if your goal is to have a fit body for the rest of your life then that requires working out and eating healthy the rest of your life. Can you have a bad day or mess up? Of course, but the majority of the time you want to be doing the right activity to reach your goals. So how do you stay commited? What do I do? I can give you a list of 100 ways to stay commited to your goals, but that still won’t work. The main advice I can give is to just do it! When you want it bad enough, thats when you will do what others wont, to get what others don’t. It’s not untill you get tired of certain situations in your life that you will begin to change in other areas, because being commited to anything is not easy or always fun, its hard work and dedication but eventually it pays off. You can do it. Happy New Years Eve!