Insulin Stability > Calories consumed or Burnt

When discussing weight-loss, insulin stability is more important than calories consumed or burnt. It’s great monitoring your calories, and monitoring how many calories you burnt, its good to know and its great math. But outside of that it’s irrelative to losing weight. The reason is because if you burn 200 calories, that just means you’re building more of an appetite up for later, and most like you will exceed your calorie consumption with hunger. Also calories consumed is pretty much irrelevant when it comes to weight loss because a calorie is not a calorie in all things measured. Different foods affect us differently, so 200 calories of a muffin is going to put on more fat then 200 calories of a protein shake or chicken. Reason why is because a muffin will spike your insulin levels more and longer, meaning excess insulin converts to more fat stored in the body. And the longer it is spike then the more insulin is converted to fat. So always think insulin stability when considering weight loss, foods like fish, chicken, steak, nuts, avocados, veggies.