Liquid calories are the most dangerous

Liquid calories are the most dangerous calories of all because they go straight into your blood stream with usually no fiber or water absorption to slow them down. Take your selection between a orange and orange juice, naturally you’ll think both are equally as good. I use to personally think that myself, “Hey orange juice is the same as eating an orange” is what I would tell myself but it’s not. And it’s not until your metabolism slows down that you realize that it’s these fine details that our putting weight on your body.

You see when you have an orange, you have the peel, then you have a coating on top of that that you’re eating and it’s packed with insoluble fiber, this is the type of fiber that doesn’t get digested, infant it helps get foods particles in and out of your body. Therefore you experience less of an blood sugar rush, when you have orange you, you miss out on that, all of the fiber is taken out so that your body recognizes the juice as sugar and begins to release more insulin which eventually converts to fat in your body.

So eat whole foods, for it is the best way to your ideal body!