Most people try to outwork a bad diet

Most people try to outwork their bad “did I eat today”. I see everyday people outside running miles in the heat and still looking the same. I see guys I play basketball with at the gym (in home personal trainer dallas) looking the same year after year. I see people pounding it away on the treadmill every year at different gyms only to look the exact same year after year. The reason is because they’re trying to outwork a bad diet. Last year I found myself falling into that mouse trap. I put on 20-25 pounds and couldn’t seem to get it off as fast as I use to. So before or after a bad meal, I’d go for a 2-3 mile run, I’d hop on the treadmill and challenge myself with sprints until I was drenched in sweat. I’d feel so good about it until I look at my stomach and notice it was just getting bigger and bigger. I had fallen into the rat race, I was trying to outwork a bad diet.

Once I realize the mistakes I was making, I made a decision to change my daily eating, more fruits, more veggies and legumes and lean meats. I cut out all refined carbs and sugars like sugar in my coffee (personal trainer dallas) bread, pastas, cereals outside of oatmeal. And instantly I saw my weight drop. I felt lighter and had more energy. I learned to not outwork a bad diet instead eat right and workout less!