Should I take a pre workout?

Pre Workout drinks are highly marketing in the fitness industry. With claims of more energy, more muscle, burn more fat and build major muscle. These claims sound very impressive, to the point you may get one. My advice is to first know what do you want it for? If it’s strictly for energy because you lack it then I would advise you to try other solutions first. Such as eating 30-50 carbs 30 minutes prior to workout. Carbs are our muscles natural source of energy, they fill up our glycogen storage which fuels our muscles. If that doesn’t work then I’d recommend drinking a serving of fruit. 8oz of apple juice or orange juice, then doing 3 sprints on treadmill to get your energy levels up. And if that doesn’t work then look for a good natural energy drink.

To conclude I’m not the biggest fan of energy drinks, but I am a big fan of working out. And if you are under fatigued situations then you must find a way to get energy, maybe it’s an early workout or late night or you’re just plain tired, then look into an energy drink for yourself.

Working out doesn’t cause weight loss

Working out by itself doesn’t cause weight loss, unless accompanied by eating towards your goals. You have to eat right and workout to reach your health goals. Working out will burn those additional calories, but it’ll make you hungrier so that you’ll eat to compensate the calories lost.
Therefore, you must eat right and workout to reach your goals faster!

Do workouts that are fun

I am like you man, I don’t like cardio at all. Walking is cool but anything above that tempo becomes too much. So I’ve always sticked to a fun workout regimen and found things I enjoy doing but require no thinking. For me thats playing basketball, biking, tennis , rock climbing. Below are a list of things you can do weekly to get you burning calories without you truly knowing it.

1. go play soccer

2. walk your dog

3. indoor or outdoor skating

4. go dancing, salsa dancing is fun

5. indoor laser tag

6. painball

7. go for a swim

8. play flag football

9. tennis

10. racket ball

11. volley ball

12. basketball

5 Fruits to stay away from

When we hear the word fruits, we always think healthy right? Good way to start the day! Or even a good snack or dessert. For most fruits that is the case but these 5 fruits listed below aren’t so friendly because they have a high sugar value and no water to dilute the sugar in them. So your body processes these like it would a candy bar:

1. Bananas

2. Dates

3. Raisins

4. Raisins

5. Dried apricots

Goals as we embrace fall and winter!

What are your goals as fall is approaching? It’s that time of year that the weather gets cooler, food gets warmer and more calorie dense. What are you going to do to fend off the affects of weight gain? Below are 3 tips to keep you going:

1. Make a new goal

2. Make a goal of maintaining the weight and size you’re currently at

3. If you’re going to eat bad, then still workout 3-5 times a week.

and I’ll add one more

4. Join a local sports team or association to keep you active!

Macro + Micro Nutrients equal power pack meal!

When your meal is dense in macro and micro nutrients. Personal trainer Dallas, then you’re in for a full type meal. These are the types of meals that keep you fuller longer, give you energy necessary to power through your day.

Macronutrients as you know are protein, fats, and carbohydrates (personal training Dallas) protein which is the building blocks for your muscles. Essential fats which are key for survival. And Carbs which are the energy sources your body pulls from to get energized.

Micronutrients (celebrity personal trainer Dallas) which are vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, D, K and minerals like calcium, iron, and zinc. These are key for our bodies daily needs as well. And they help carry the macronutrients to necessary locations in the body.