Today’s back workout

Today’s back workout is heavy set followed with a post exhaust. Last week I gave you examples of pre-exhaust workout to show how you can tire out your primary muscle so that when you go into the compound exercise it will feel the workout more and hit deeper into those muscle tissues. Today is post exhaustion where we begin with the compound movement and finish with isolation movement to thoroughly and completely workout the primary muscle.

Back Workout:

3×5 wide pull ups super set with 3×20 resistant pull down

3×5 neutral grip pull ups super set with 3×20 resistant pull down

3×5 overhand barbell row super set with 3×20 resistant pull down

Back workout for today

Lets do a pre exhaust workout for back to really work those back muscles, I did this one this week and I know you can too:

3×15 db pull overs super set with 3×5 wide pull ups

3×15 db pull overs super set with 3×5 neutral grip pull ups

3×15 db pull overs super set with 3×5 overhand barbell row

finish with abs!

If you ever get dizzy or feel weak during a workout….

If you every get dizzy or feel weak during a workout, immediately stop and sit down and rest and breathe until you feel good again. This can be dangerous because you could pass out and severely injure yourself. It’s best to always consult with your doctor if you start feeling dizzy during a workout or throughout the day.

Chest workout for you

Here’s a good pre-exhaust chest workout just for you!:

3×25 flat bench dumbbell chest flies super set with 3×5 flat bench press

3×25 incline bench dumbbell chest flies super set with 3×5 incline chest press

3x wide push ups till failure super set with 3×5 machine press

On the high reps use light weight, on the low reps use heavy weight

Post workout soreness solutions

For post workout soreness, there are a few things you can do to alleviate the soreness. That is get a massage and stretch it out, or work the area out lightly the next day in cardio form. If you are sore from leg workout, then next day jog 2-3 miles. If you are sore from back or chest workout then do rowing for 15 minutes or cardio boxing. Other than that I recommend taking a bath in Epson salt. And if that doesn’t work then going for the ibuprofen.

Coffee and Teas count as water

I know you’re trying to figure out how to get your daily water intake in, well outside of gulping tons of water you can eat fruits and vegetables as well as coffee or teas count as your water intake. With water being non-flavorful it’s tough for many people to consume the correct amounts on a daily basis. So start adding non sugar flavors to your water or drink non-sweetened teas as well.

Does post workout soreness mean it’s working?

After your first workout, or first time working out in a long time, or even after you have a workout you may experience same day soreness. This is where the same day you begin to feel sore in you body. You may experience next day soreness which is very common and referred to as post workout soreness. Or you may experience soreness 2-3 days later which is called delayed onset soreness. Each of our bodies react differently to post workout’s, some always get sore, some never get sore and some get sore here and there. You may be use to the phrase no pain no gain, or if there no pain then you didn’t work hard enough. There’s no truth to any of that, when a muscle hasn’t been worked in a long time, or does a new exercise then there’s a great chance for it to be sore for days. I remember when I was younger and hadn’t worked chest in a year and went in on a full all out chest workout. I was very sore for 3 days, to the point I couldn’t touch or sleep on my chest. Back then I thought that was good, now after conducting thorough research I’ve learned that progress is made whenever you can eat towards your goals and lift heavier weight each session.