Should I take a pre-workout?

Should I take a pre-workout? That’s a great question everyone who’s working out should consider, why? Because you maybe lacking energy or stamina, or you may see people who brag about their pre-workouts.

My question to you is, during your workouts (pay attention to your body) are you tired or sluggish or lack enough energy to do a full workout? If so then the answer is yes you need a pre-workout. Some people always need pre workouts because they workout at an inconvenient time where their bodies need energy to function. Others like myself, typically workout at a time where my energy levels are up but, some days I’ll have to workout early or late and need that energy to get going.

Energy is everything when it comes to your workouts, you want them to be intense and going at full force. As a lifter you want to be able to lift the maxium you can lift and when it comes to cardio, you want to be able to move at the speed and as long as the longevity of the workout.

Lastly pre workouts don’t have to be the high caffeinated drinks, but instead they can be a fruit or glass of authentic fruit juice and run 3-5 sprints for 50 seconds to get your heart rate up to workout.