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You’ll succeed at the level you give

If you really want those killer curves, those nice biceps, and legs and booty, then you’re going to have to sacrifice. You’re going to have to give more to your body, stronger workouts, eating better. You’re going to have to sacrifice eating bad foods, drinking wrong foods, you’ll have to push yourself during workouts, and go to new levels. For a bigger butt, you must squat a significant amount of weight, for nice biceps, you’ll have to curl a decent amount with your curl bar. To get the body you want, you need to sacrifice more.

Every day we must choose the right action

Every day is a new day to choose the right action. Success in anything requires constant and consistent right decisions everyday. Everyday you must choose to eat towards your goals. You must choose every week to workout. Getting the body you want is not a one day decision or a 1 month decision, it’s a daily reminder! You got this!

How to stop the cravings of bad foods

To stop the cravings of bad foods, you need to do one simple thing, that is keep your insulin levels low. When your insulin levels are low you don’t crave foods like high carbs. When insulin levels are high, they come crashing down and your body begins to crave getting those levels back up. So the key to stopping or limiting your sugar cravings is to stay eating low energy foods like vegetables (besides corn) and high fibrous fruits and water filled fruits. Eat your slow carbs, legumes and any protein source you like to eat. This will be to key to keeping your insulin levels low, which will stop food cravings, and eventually lead to weight loss.

3 Breakfast Ideas

Are you short on breakfast ideas on what to eat and to still be healthy at the same time? Below is a list that should help you:

1. 1 cup steel cut oatmeal and 4 slices of regular bacon or turkey bacon

2. 3 eggs and 1 cup of berries

3. 30 grams of protein powder mixed into a blender with 1 cup of strawberries and 16 oz of almond milk

There you go, 3 simple healthy breakfast ideas for you!

Liquid calories are the most dangerous

Liquid calories are the most dangerous calories of all because they go straight into your blood stream with usually no fiber or water absorption to slow them down. Take your selection between a orange and orange juice, naturally you’ll think both are equally as good. I use to personally think that myself, “Hey orange juice is the same as eating an orange” is what I would tell myself but it’s not. And it’s not until your metabolism slows down that you realize that it’s these fine details that our putting weight on your body.

You see when you have an orange, you have the peel, then you have a coating on top of that that you’re eating and it’s packed with insoluble fiber, this is the type of fiber that doesn’t get digested, infant it helps get foods particles in and out of your body. Therefore you experience less of an blood sugar rush, when you have orange you, you miss out on that, all of the fiber is taken out so that your body recognizes the juice as sugar and begins to release more insulin which eventually converts to fat in your body.

So eat whole foods, for it is the best way to your ideal body!

5 foods that will keep up full for hours

1. 20 oz steak- yes this will have you feeling full for hours without the weight gain that comes with being full

2.40-60 gram protein shake will have you full in no time

3. 1 cup of beans- any beans but the fiber and protein in these will have you siting pretty and full

4. 1 gallon of water, well half a gallon will keep you full and guess what? It has 0 calories!

5.1 cup of veggies- yes I agree, we all get tired of veggies, but they are low cal and will have you feeling full in no time.

Will lifting weights make you bulky? Let’s answer that

The age ole question is will lifting weights make you bulky? Perhaps you’ve worked out in the past and saw certain parts of your body defining or getting bigger, and now you’re wondering if working out stimulates muscles getting bigger. Maybe you’re a woman and don’t wanna look like a man? Or maybe you’re a man and you just want to be lean but not thick and muscular? Either or, muscle is built 3 ways, and you need all 3. 1. Lifting heavy weights, you cannot and will not get bigger without lifting heavy weights. 2. You must eat a significant amount of carbs. You should be at least eating your body weight gram for pound on your body to get stronger, but for a serious plan you need to do 2 times your body weight in grams of carbs. So if you’re a 100 lb male or female you need 200 carbs and 100 grams of protein. 3 you need rest. Long story short if you’re not lifting 70-80 % of your 1 max rep and eating a lot then you’re not going to get big.

How to target belly fat?

Belly fat is the most stubborn fat we as individuals have on our bodies. It’s the fat that we can’t seem to get rid of no matter how hard we try. The truth is you can’t directly target any fat, but you can make changes to your diet that will affect the stomach positively. You see fat enzymes are stored in the stomach area heavily for most men and for women they’re typically waist and below, but some women have fat enzymes stored in the stomach just like a mans body. The key (shown in studies) is eliminating the product called “wheat” it’s been shown to induce longer insulin spikes which directly target the belly fat in most cases. So begin eliminating wheat in your body.

Your body is craving insulin spikes

Your body is not craving sweets, or calories, or bagels or pizza. No don’t be fooled by those sayings. It sounds logical because you’re extremely hungry and all you can think about is a big slice of pizza, or a piece of chocolate or doughnut. The reason why you’re thinking of those is because each of those items has something in common. All 3 are major insulin spiker’s , meaning each of those cause your pancreas to release more insulin then other foods like veggies, and certain fruits and meats. You body is addicted to the insulin surges, once you keep those at normal levels, you’ll find it simple to eat healthier and lose weight!