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Posterior Delts (back of shoulder) Presses

photo for blog 40Are you working the back of your shoulders? Yesterday I posted the dumbbell flies with 3 initial starting positions to target the Middle deltoids. Today’s video is targeting the POSTERIOR Delts, it’s still hitting all 3 deltoids but specifically targeting the posterior delts which are neglected a lot.

Grab a barbell, and get a wide grip. Depending on length of your forearms and clavicles, bring to least your ears and then press back up for 1 rep. Aim for 3 sets of 8-10. You got this!

What does organic food mean or consist of?

photo for blog 34Organic food is free of artificial food additives and often has been raised and made with fewer artificial methods, materials, and condions, such as chemical ripening, food irradiation, and genetically modified ingredients. Pesticides are allowed as long as they aren’t synthetic.

To be certified organic, food products must be grown and manufactured in a manner that adheres to standards set by the governments of the countries they are sold in.

4 most common weight lifting injuries

photo for blog 314 most common ways people injure them selfs in the gym

1. Lifting more weight than you can handle: according to research conducted by scientist on behalf of the center for injury research and policy , the most common way people injure them selfs while weightlifting is dropping weights on themselves.

2. Using bad form: things like rounding your back in a deadlift. Or letting your knees bow during a squat.

3. Not warming up properly: a proper warm up routine should bring blood to the muscles that are about to be trained, increase suppleness, raise body temperature, and enhance free coordinate movement

4. The whole philosophy “no pain no gain” you must recognize when your just feeling the burn (from lactic acid or blood fill up to the area worked) or when you feel a injury which is typically sharp pain to the muscle, joint or bone. If the pain gets worse stop immediately.

If you do experience injury then follow the RICE theory.


Will crunches give you abs?

bodys by dubs photo 7


Will crunches give me abs?

Or how about:
Can I spot reduce fat in my stomach?

We see advertisements everywhere , on commercials, magazines, and by famous trainers claiming a person can get abs through ab training.

Truth is that training the muscles of a certain area of your body burns calories and can result in muscle growth, both of which certainly can aid in fat loss, but it doesn’t directly burn the fat covering them to any significant degree.

Fat loss occurs in a whole body fashion. You creat the proper INTERNAL weight loss environment (a calorie deficit) and your body reduces fat stores all over the body with certain areas reducing faster than others (based on genetics)

So what happens if I do tons of crunches and not eat according to my goals? That can aggravate the problem. The muscles will grow but the layer of fat will remain the same which will only result in the area looking bigger and puffier.

Finally: you can do all the crunches you want but you’ll never have a six pack until you’ve adequately reduced your overall body fat.

Source: “The effect of abdominal exercise on Abdominal fat”–Sachin Vispute, John Smith, Kimberly Hurley