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How long should I rest between sets?

photo for blog 36First What is a set?

A set is a completion of a destined number of reps of an exercise. For example, Henry just did 1 set of 10 reps.

If a person does a superset, then thats back to back exercises with no rest in between.

Depending on your goal, if your goal is weight loss, then 10-30 second rest periods will be good. Ideally 20 seconds of rest then on to the next set. If you’re goal is muscle atrophy, I still recommend keeping your heart rate up, and completely fatiging your muscles by doing 45 second-1 minute rest periods. The goal here is that you want to recuit new and and many muscle fibers as possible, if you wait 3-4 minutes then the muscle fibers you just tired out, are recoved and ready to go, so you wouldnt recruit new ones.

Bottom line, weight loss rest 10-30 seconds between sets. Muscle atrophy rest 45 second to 1 minute between sets.

Proper floor Crunch form

photo for blog 28Are you looking to sculpt some good abs? Proper form is key along with nutrition of course. Most people start their crunches wrong, this photo shows the proper way to begin a crunch. Shoulders lifted off the ground and back rounded so that you are applying contraction to your core and not your spine.