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Focus on Fat Loss!

Focus on fat loss!

Today too many people are consumed by what their weight scale says, hoping the number goes down. Here’s my question to you: what if the number doesn’t go down? Is it a bad thing? NO, if you’re feeling stronger, have more energy and losing inches then your doing great. Actually if you’re losing inches then you’re losing fat, remember fat is larger in size then muscle. So if you add 2lbs of muscle and lose 1lb of fat, guess what? Your scale will go up least 1 point. Now if you didn’t know what that meant, you might freak out, instead be proud of yourself because you’ve loss fat. People look much better when they add muscle (lean not too much) and lose fat, you’re able to keep your curves as a woman, you’re able to look more defined and chisled. When a person only loses weight, they become skinny fat, meaning flabby but skinny and thats not a good look, you want to be toned. So lift weights, do cardio and eat towards your goals.

Why you keep falling off your diet?

photo for blog 20So you have these health/fitness goals, and you begin to pursue them. You start with a cleanse for a day or a week, then you go into your diet and exercises phase and you hit it hard for 2-4 weeks. In the beginning you drop 5-10lbs fast, and you’re excited, your spouse, kids and friends are noticing it. Then all of a sudden your weight comes to a STAND STILL, a plateau, and you get discourage, you cry , you get mad. Now out of frustration and anger you begin going back to your old habits of eating ice creame, and having 2-3 drinks a night and eating pizza and cookies. Then all the weight comes back on and faster than ever. You MUST get back in the FIGHT! You must get back motivated through your actions, like Zig Ziglar said “motivation doesn’t last, neither does bathing, that’s why we do it daily”