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3 things you should do to avoid overeating on Thanksgiving

1. Prepare your mind to enjoy the holiday meal but make it self cautious to eat in moderation. Tell yourself exactly what you’re going to eat for the holidays.

2. Start with a big healthy breakfast. have at least 16-32oz of water for breakfast, 30 grams of lean protein (meats, protein shake)

3. For your meal make sure your plate is 50 percent veggies and 10-15% bad carbs.

How to keep yourself motivated

1. Keep new goals every 3-4 months. Whether it’s getting leaner, more muscle or just physically fit for a marathon.

2. Find clothes you like to wear. Find a nice pair of tight ripped jeans you want to fit into. Or a shirt to show off your arms. Or a dress with a unique cut to it.

3. Look at yourself in the mirror every-week a evaluate yourself.

When you need motivation: revisit your why!

When you need motivation, maybe you stopped eating healthy, or working out. Or maybe you’re still working out but not at a high intensity as you like, go back and revisit your why. The reason why you started and meditate on that, that’s what’s going to get you back going.