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Always remeber why you started!

Whenever you feel like quitting or you feel exhausted like you don’t have enough energy to finish the project, that’s when you have to remind yourself why you started. Take your mind back to why you did this thing, why you began this journey. Your WHY will lead you to your HOW. Your WHY will give you energy for your HOW!

Focus on Fat Loss!

Focus on fat loss!

Today too many people are consumed by what their weight scale says, hoping the number goes down. Here’s my question to you: what if the number doesn’t go down? Is it a bad thing? NO, if you’re feeling stronger, have more energy and losing inches then your doing great. Actually if you’re losing inches then you’re losing fat, remember fat is larger in size then muscle. So if you add 2lbs of muscle and lose 1lb of fat, guess what? Your scale will go up least 1 point. Now if you didn’t know what that meant, you might freak out, instead be proud of yourself because you’ve loss fat. People look much better when they add muscle (lean not too much) and lose fat, you’re able to keep your curves as a woman, you’re able to look more defined and chisled. When a person only loses weight, they become skinny fat, meaning flabby but skinny and thats not a good look, you want to be toned. So lift weights, do cardio and eat towards your goals.

Good Form Vs. Bad Form: The Plank

photo for blog 43The Plank is the foundation, the non-negotiable for abdominal workouts because it works every facet of your core statistically. It’s not involved in shaping up the core or giving it the all around aestetic look but it helps strengthen the core and relieve any tension on the back. The core is your most vital muscle group.

Posterior Delts (back of shoulder) Presses

photo for blog 40Are you working the back of your shoulders? Yesterday I posted the dumbbell flies with 3 initial starting positions to target the Middle deltoids. Today’s video is targeting the POSTERIOR Delts, it’s still hitting all 3 deltoids but specifically targeting the posterior delts which are neglected a lot.

Grab a barbell, and get a wide grip. Depending on length of your forearms and clavicles, bring to least your ears and then press back up for 1 rep. Aim for 3 sets of 8-10. You got this!

Rest is key for muscle Growth!

photo for blog 36After you give your body a tough grueling workout, especially your muscles, they need time/rest to repair. Now this blog I am not talking about rest in between sets, but instead days off for each muscle to recover. Your big muscles typically need 2-3 days to fully recover, and muscles like legs need 3-4 days to recover completely. Your big muscles consist of chest, back, and legs. Your small muscles need 1-2 days to recover, these are your biceps, triceps, shoulders, calves and abs. Muscles like Calves and Abs can recover in 24 hours so I typically train those every other day. 3-4 times a week! And normally take one full day off to do no work, just recover! Have a great Sunday

Good workout to tone your Arms!

photo for blog 24Your arms are composed of 2 main muscles, that’s your biceps (top of your arms) and Triceps (3 headed muscle on the bottom of your arms) both need to be worked by varying of exercises. For the triceps I highly reccomend doing tricep cable press downs. Get a bar and hook it to the cable, make an L SHAPE with your arm at starting point and press down. Aim for 3-5 sets of 10-20 reps!

Do Squat Challenges work?

photo for blog 23Do squat challenges work?

I should phrase it, will a squat challenge help shape your booty?

Through social media, trainers and health experts we have seen a lot of advertisements about doing a 30 day squat challenge to tone up the booty. But do they work?

Both yes and no. They work to a certain extent, when you’re doing body weight squats you are essentially squatting the weight of your body, so for the first 1-30 days you will be challenging yourself if you are new to it. Eventually you will plateau and will need more weight to challenge and shape your leg and booty muscles.

So if you’ve never worked out then start with these booty squat challenges, but pay attention to your body when it’s time to start adding weight to your squats. So that you can continually tone your legs and shape your booty!