The case against Bread

Unless you have a gluten intolerance it’s hard to turn down bread. Most american restaurants you go to will offer bread for free to the table. Restaurants like olive garden have it at the table after you sit down, Texas roadhouse brings them to your table as you’re walking in with some good tasting cinnamon butter to put on them. Yesterday I went to 54th street and the second thing they brought out after our drinks was some good smelling dark bread and honey butter. It was so tough to say no, every nerve in my body wanted that bread so badly. And the thing about bread is that it’s hard to stop, like meat or veggies, when you eat a decent size amount you get to a point of fullness. That’s not the case for bread, you constantly want more until 20-30 minutes later you are fuller than a hot air balloon ready to land. So to stop eating bread you literally have to divorce yourself from it. Say no to it for a certain amount of time or for good, and you’ll see your waist getting smaller and smaller!