The flow of a workout

How should a workout go? What’s the flow of a workout? If a typical workout is 30-60 minutes then what should it look like and in what order? First you should begin with your warm to get blood pumping and get your muscles loose. This is a mild 5-10 minutes of cardio, whether that’s on the treadmill, elliptical or rowing machine. Next you want to go into a compound movement for the muscle group you are focusing on, let’s say it’s back and chest. You will begin with a pull up or dead-lift and flat or incline bench. Before going into your heavy sets, begin with 1-2 light sets of 20-30 percent of your 1 max rep. Rep this weight out 15-20 times for 1-2 sets to get those muscles ready for the workout. Next go into your workout beginning with the compound exercise. Here you want to do 3-5 sets at heavy weight for low reps. Your workout should consist of 2-3 compound exercises per muscle and 2-3 light isolation exercises per muscle. For back that would be back flies or some light rows or extensions. For chest that would be chest flies or cable resistant workouts for the chest with high reps. After that you can work abs for another 10-15 minutes then cool down with some targeted stretches. And that’s your workout flow.