The secret to Motivation!

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One of my favorite quotes ever! There you have it folks! By the man himself: Zig Ziglar! The secret (if there really is any secret) to being motivated to workout or do anything is just DOING IT! Like the Nike emblem. You can write out your goals, through up future photos, through up current photos, you can make bets, you can try to prove your doubters wrong, or even slap yourself everyday till you get upset, but none of that will continually work. Eventually all of that will get old! You must just do it! It’s like bathing, if you don’t bath then you will stink, if you don’t eat right and workout then your health will decline, you may gain weight and may not feel good on the inside. So like I say, if it’s important enough to you then your will find a way to get it done! Thats your motivation!