Will lifting weights make you bulky? Let’s answer that

The age ole question is will lifting weights make you bulky? Perhaps you’ve worked out in the past and saw certain parts of your body defining or getting bigger, and now you’re wondering if working out stimulates muscles getting bigger. Maybe you’re a woman and don’t wanna look like a man? Or maybe you’re a man and you just want to be lean but not thick and muscular? Either or, muscle is built 3 ways, and you need all 3. 1. Lifting heavy weights, you cannot and will not get bigger without lifting heavy weights. 2. You must eat a significant amount of carbs. You should be at least eating your body weight gram for pound on your body to get stronger, but for a serious plan you need to do 2 times your body weight in grams of carbs. So if you’re a 100 lb male or female you need 200 carbs and 100 grams of protein. 3 you need rest. Long story short if you’re not lifting 70-80 % of your 1 max rep and eating a lot then you’re not going to get big.