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I am a current certified personal trainer through NASM, and CPR certified through AHA. I have been in this industry over 7+ years, and I really love and enjoy what I do. I train all different types of bodies, ages and conditions. From people who are just looking to lose weight, to people who want to tone up their bodies, also I do athletes, as well as individuals looking to just getting into shape. I serve baby boomer clients looking to increase their mobility and strength, as well as individuals looking to get into body building shape. I train all ages from early youth to the baby boomers, training is my love and my passion.

I grew up playing sports from early ages of 4 through high school, but always retained a very skinny and frail frame. When I went to college, I had a lot of friends that were strong athletic built and after sometime I began being tired of looking skinny. So after my sophomore year in college, I decided to do something about it, I decided to make a change and put on muscle. I trained with several trainers and partnered with many nutritionists whom I am still connected to till this day, and I learned a lot about how to change my body, how to eat right and what foods to eat that would help accomplish different goals.

My motto is, "You can't decide how your face will look, or what your height will be, or even what your hair may look like, but you can change your body composition one day at a time!" My mission is to help you reach your goals; it's what I am born to do and what I love to do!


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