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You need a rest day!

Some people don’t like to hear this, and some people wish we have 7 of these a week! But the truth of the matter is we all need at least 1 rest day. Typically (me) I workout 3 days on and 1 day off, but some people do 2 days in and 1 day off or 6 days straight and 1 day off. The purpose of a rest day is to relax and allow your muscles to heal (after being torn down) and to allow them to repair and grow. It’s essential to have a rest day for your immune system so that you will be healthy and able to workout. So rest days are very important, if you over due yourself, you won’t get the results you want. So take at least 1 day a week to rest!

What makes a good personal trainer?

What makes a good personal trainer? 1. Someone who is very knowledgable, knows a lot abouthealth and fitness and about the body. 2. Someone who knows correct form for exercises they put you through. 3. Someone who knows the right exercises for the type of body you want. Wether you want to lose weight, tone up, add muscle, or even bulk up. 4. Someone who knows the right foods for you to eat. 5. Someone who motivates you and pushes you to get those extra reps done, someone who doesn’t let you just quit. 6. Someone who cares about you. 7. Someone who is a good listener. 8. Someone who loves what they do!



Can I ever cheat on my meals?

Yes you can! I don’t believe most people can eat perfect 100% of the time! And lets even dare to ask, what is eating perfect consist of? If we got real with that question, you would be asking a person to consume certain meats, with them being only grass fed. Also you would only eat organic fruits, vegetables, and nuts, and anything outside of that would be cheating. No process foods at all! So if your an average eater who is trying to eat clean and healthy, then I’d recommend that you cheat on your diet once a week! Yes I said once a week, choose a day after 12 pm and eat anything you want for the rest of that day! Your body will be calling and craving for fatty high calorie foods, and if you can stick to cheating once a week then your body wont fall off! You can do this, I know you can!

Love the burn!

“Love the burn” this one of my favorite quotes to say to clients, and even myself during workouts. This is the part of your workout where, you are tired, and it burns and hurts during each rep, but this is the pont where you put a big smile on your face and enjoy it. When you feel the burn, you know that your muscles are really being challenged, and are tired, so you know you’re doing a good job with your workout. So instead of quitting when you feel this feeling, push through and take your workout to the next level! Get Excited! LOVE THE BURN!!!

Suzanne Somers is a fitness addict; maybe that explains her healthy sex life!

Suzanne somers photo

Suzanne Somers is a phenominal looking lady—–particularly for her
66 years of life!

She refuses to take any pharmeceutical medications, Maybe that
explains why she and her husband of 36 years have such a robust sex
life at 66 and 77 years of age respectibley…

As reported in the Los Angelas Times by Christie D’Zurilla

See it here.,0,7214680.story

My Name Warren Wilkins, and I am a mobile personal trainer in the dallas Texas area. I specialize in weight loss, muscle increase, strength increase, sport specific training, endurance and personal meal plans.

Better of the worst.. Decisions…food!

So your excuse is you have kids and they love to go out to eat at fast food restaurants. Or you have been invited out to arestaurant for a celebration. This is where you have to make a decision! The decision you have to make is either bad or semi good. This is where you make the “better of the worst” decision. For instance your at McDonald’s and you are super hungry, what do you get?? There’s several decisions youvan make, you can make a bad decision and order a burger fries and coke or you can make a good decision and order a salad with light dressing and a water. That’s a good decision, or you can make a better of worst decision and ordera burger but no fries or drink and save yourself over 500 calories. And if you give the food time to digest, you’ll reach a point of fullness you were looking for in the beginning, so next time your out to ethis make a good decision or better of worst decision!

80 Percent of Success is Attendance!

80 percent

80% of success is just showing up, it’s just being present, most people wont even do this! 80% of success with fitness is just about being at the gym, or being dressed up to workout at home or with a group. Once you get there, you’re already 80% there, now you just have to do the workout. Think about your job, 80% of success in the work field is just showing up to your job, and being there on time, most people don’t do that! Think about school, 80% is just showing up and being at your desk on time, after that it’s just work and study but again most people wont show up! So make a decision to go to the gym or where you workout, after that it’s a matter of doing the work! You can do it! Just start by showing up to the gym! Then do the work!

The best work out for FAT Loss!

Your question is probably “what is the best workout for fat loss?” Theres no exact or direct answer to that, because exercise in general is great for optimal health and for weight loss. In today’s era, it has been proven that the most effective workout for fat loss, is a combination of several workouts that combine, cardio with weights and limited rest time. This is referred to as HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training, an example of a circuit of this would be, 10 jumping jacks, followed by 10 body weight squats, followed by 10 pushups and a 30 second plank. A person doing 30 minutes of that would burn more calories and fat than a person on a treadmill for 30 minutes. So start added HIIT to your daily workouts! Have a good one!

How to tone your arms!

The key to toning your arms or any body part is challenging the muscles. Like the o’le saying goes “there’s no change without challenge and no challenge without change” but what does it mean to challenge your muscles? Simply put it means to break down your muscles, or to tear down your muscles. You can do this by lifting weights, weights put pressure on on muscles to lift, to stabilize, and after they are torn down they must rebuild. That’s why protein is an essential nutrient to working out especially when it comes to lifting. For just overall toned arms (no bulking or no mass in arms) just lean toned arms, stick with high reps of 10-20, but with light weights. For women normall dumbbells ranging from 5-10 pounds in weight is good. Stick with 3-5 rounds of 10-20 reps per exercise. The arms are composed of the biceps and triceps, which are small muscles meaning they recovery from being torn down within 2-3 days of rest. So you can work them 2-3 times a week, but make sure to follow up with protein 0-30 minutes post workout. With that you will be on your way to leaner and toner arms!!!