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Why you need a personal trainer!

bodys by dubs photo 7What Keeps You from Hiring a Personal Trainer?

Cost is often the main reason why people steer clear from hiring a personal trainer. However, the advantages of hiring a personal trainer such as motivation, supervision, effectiveness, safety, and personalized service actually outweigh the cost. Then again, personalized and supervised workout should not be expensive. Everyone needs to be physically fit and should have access to professional yet affordable training, and not simply forced to watch generic fitness videos that are not safe or effective enough for everyone.

A Personal Trainer Should Not be Costly

Take any service and make it “personal”, and it can get utterly expensive. Let’s be blunt here: money is money. In times when every penny counts, you’ll meet a roadblock juggling between spending for your physical training and saving money for something else.

But never forget that health is wealth. If you value your money, you should value your health even more because when you are fit, you become more energetic and productive. That’s enough reason why you should hire a personal trainer Dallas, but then Dubs is not just any personal trainer in town. We actually offer you great value for your money.

As far as cost is concerned, the National Strength and Conditioning Association said that the average rate per hour of personal trainers is between $50 and $100. We are happy to tell you that the cost of our fitness packages is on the lower limit of that range. Each session lasts from 45 minutes to 60 minutes, and actually costs only $50 for one-on-one sessions and lesser for pair sessions. So yes, we encourage training with a friend so you can split the cost and workout together.

At Dubs, we always make your penny count when you enroll at our program. We don’t just take your money. We work hard to earn it, and we make sure you get what you paid us for – and that’s a customized fitness program that suits your physical requirements and personal preferences.

A Skilled Trainer is Never Substitutable

Why hire a personal trainer when you can simply watch online videos and buy those DVD lessons? Apparently, even an online personal trainer is indispensable when you want to ensure you follow the right procedure and do workouts properly. When you do certain fitness on your own and misguidedly, you face safety and effectiveness issues.

A personal trainer visits you regularly, compelling you to follow through with your fitness plan. This means you become consistent with your workout and more able to form a healthy habit of exercising. Later on, you will no longer need a personal trainer’s supervision, but until you’re dedicated and consistent enough with your regimen, hiring a personal fitness coach is the best way to go.

Supervision also guarantees the effectiveness of your workout. On your own, you might be too hard or too easy on yourself. What a professional trainer does is to motivate you to push your limits but not to the extent of wearing yourself out and endangering your health. Trainers maximize your time, making sure that you make the best out of your session each time.

Hiring a workout trainer without the necessary experience and expertise is a total waste of time and money. Make your time and money count by hiring only a fitness coach who delivers exactly what you need. An effective personal trainer is never replaceable with any video or book. Dubs is a home personal trainer Dallas with a commendable track record and proper certification. His client-tailored fitness program is appropriate for everyone who likes being in shape and fit – regardless of age, gender and fitness needs.

Why do my muscles hurt after I workout?

After a tough leg workout or total body workout, you may notice next day pain and begin to wonder why. Simply put, when you are using weights or body weights, you are stretching out and tearing down your muscle with weight in order to rebuild them with food and supplementation. With that being said, it is common that you will feel pain because you have torn down your muscles and they must rebuild, that’s a good thing!photo for blog

Will eating corn bread make my booty bigger?

Will eating corn bread make my booty bigger? Will eating this or that make my booty bigger? I get this question alot from women who are looking to enhance their booty size, and it’s because they have been told from someone with a big booty that eating this food will make their booty bigger. The truth is that we are all genetically wired differently, and it’s true that for each of us fat storage tends to go to different places. For some it goes to the booty, others the hips, some legs, stomach, chin, chest and for alot of peopleits a combination of several body parts that will store fat faster. So will cornbread make your booty bigger? My answer is to learn your body, and know where your body tends to store fat, and that will answer that question.

Every workout is a good workout!

80 percentEverytime you go in the gym to workout, and you are using the proper form, you are doing good for your body. Alot of times we hear people say “if you dont go 100 then dont go at all” I don’t like that statement because sometimes we are just flat out tired, or don’t feel good or sick or injured and you can’t give 100. But long as you give something is what matters!

When is the best time of the day to workout?

I hear this question time to time, is it best to workout in the mornings, evening, or late night? My answer is all of the above, but most importantly is what fits best with your body. If you’re a morning person, you have alot of energy in the mornings, then you will want to workout in the mornings. If you’re anything like me, then mornings wont be your time it would be midday or evenings. Some people have to work all day and the best time for them might be late night. For others, if they workout late nights, then it’s hard for them to get to sleep so midday or evening might be best. So try all times of the day and see what works best for you, then stick with it 5 days a week! You got this!