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We are what we repeatedly do

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore is not an act, but a habit. – Aristotle

We’ve heard this quote several times and it never gets old, in fact as we continually pursue goals, we notice that this quote gets louder and louder each time we hear or say it. It’s true, excellent is not a one time act, its not something we pretend to be, or show up to once in a while, it’s a habit. Something that is practiced daily, it’s apart of our daily routine.

More strength is another benefit of working out

I hear clients and people that workout always mention a benefit of working out is the ability to have more strength. To be able to move things around with more function, it’s awesome to hear someone say they can lift objects with ease that use to be heavy. Working out has many benefits that help us in our day to day routines and strength is one of them.

Benefit of working out is….

1 of many reasons to workout, and the reason I love it, is that it gives you energy. Working out boosts testosterone levels in men to increase energy levels, in women it gives energy as well. Working out has many benefits, but one of the major ones, is that it helps give energy!

Fitness is a way of LIFE!

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You’re only as good as your last rep, you’re only as good as your last set, your last healthy meal, too often we get caught up in this idea of fitness and our goals as a destination as if it’s a resting point. No! It’s not a resting point, it’s not a position of safety, in fact when you reach your goals, there’s positive pressure to stay with them or get better. There’s no safety net, or holding position you’re not GRANDFATHERED IN!! If you win a fitness competition , people are out to do better than you the moment you accept your award. If you take a week off from working out you’ll notice struggle soon as you come back. FITNESS has to be as important to you as HYGENES! As brushing your teeth as taking a shower or wearing washed clothes. When you realize that fitness is a way of life, you’ll see everyday as a opportunity to improve and get better. You’re only as good as your last rep!

Proper form of a Plank!

photo for blog 4I see people us bad form all the time on one of the best core exercises there is to do. Planks are so key for a variety of reasons, they help strengthen your core, your shoulders, and legs and hips, they also help with back issues like back pain as well as overall balance in life. With no core you have no balance or strength to take any kind of force. With a strong core, you will be more balance, feel better especially in your back and have more strength. Above is proper form of a plank:




Fitness is a way of life!

You must make fitness your habit, and eventually it will become your way of life. So many people get caught up in short term goals to use fitness for, instead of making it apart of your life like you do with brushing your teeth and showering, when fitness becomes part of your life, you will see major positive results!