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Can you get rid of Cellulite?

photo for blog 18Can I really get rid of my Cellulite??

My advice to you…


I’m sure you’ve all seen it, but what exactly is it?

Cellulite describes that “dimpled” look your skin has when fat collects in the pockets just below the surface of the skin. It’s usually seen around the hips, thighs, and buttocks.

Let’s get even more specific…

We all have bands of fibrous tissue, namely collagen and elastin, that run from the bottom layer of the skin, through the fat and down into the muscle…like threading. Due to genetics and/or hormones, those bands can become tight and brittle, and the fat pushes up through them in a way that gives the skin that lumpy, dimpled look.

Cellulite affects more women than men – a whopping rate of 90% of women past the age of 20, and increases as we age. That means out of 10 women, 9 have cellulite!!

I found the above picture online comparing the skin and fat tissue of men and women. From what I’ve gathered, the lattice-like structure of a man’s collagen bonds holds the fat in place better than that of a woman’s. In the woman’s collagen structure, the increased space between the fibers creates a higher chance of the fat bulging out of them, thereby contributing to the dimpled appearance we see on the skin.
Your weight does not determine whether you have cellulite or not – I’ve seen “skinny” girls with cellulite on their thighs, but the more overweight you are, the more noticeable the cellulite is. Some studies are pointing to genetics – other factors may include hormones, diet, distribution of body fat, age and dehydration.

So what can you do??

FOR NOW, I can tell you from experience that a:
CLEAN diet, low in fat and sugar,
a regular STRENGTHENING/cardio exercise program,
staying hydrated (water!!!),
not smoking
and reducing stress
WILL ALL HELP IN CONTROLLING THE APPEARANCE OF CELLULITE! But if I can further stress something – you must be METICULOUS about your diet! Is this realistic ALL THE TIME?? NO, but we can definitely strive to be at our healthiest everyday and eat clean 80% of the time!


It’s about to be a new week! Sunday is here, it’s time for you to RE-FOCUS..RE-COMMIT to your goals and go after them! Start today meal prepping, start today preparing your mind for good workouts this week! The week is coming , and you have to prepare for it in your mind before you do it in your body!

Can I target belly fat?

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Can I target my belly fat?

The age old question. Can I target my belly fat?

We’ve seen belly wraps!

We’ve seen ab exercises to SUPPOSEDLY target belly fat!

And we’ve seen foods that are SUPPOSE to hit your belly!

But does all or any of that work?

SURE..the answer is sure but not completely.

A car will ride on a spare or doughnut tire for awhile right? But eventually it wears off …

Temporary solutions produce TEMPORARY RESULTS!

So It’ll work for a small amount of time. In the beginning you’ll see results but then it’ll just fade, just like a spare tire driven too long…

Truth is fat comes off the body as you eat and workout according to your goals. Fat generically comes off different for different people. For some it might come off face. Others hips and butt and others chest. The key is to keep eating and working out to your Goals and eventually it’ll come off your stomach.

SIMPLE way YOU can LOSE 1lb a Week!

photo for blog 16Happy Monday to you! I know you might be dragging and the weekend was probably short, so We want to give you some GOOD NEWS today!

Simple way you can lose 1lb a week!

Wanna know the secret?

Just cut back 500 calories from your normal intake a day!

Yup that simple!

Here’s the math: 3500 calories = 1 pound gained or lost

500 calories (x) 7 days a week = 3500 calories or 1lb!

It will change when your BMR (Basal metabolic rate) changes

Easy ways to get more Sleep!

photo for blog 13When discussing reaching your fitness goals it can be a 3 part equation: diet–exercise–rest!

A lot of times we forget about the rest, but that’s where the magic takes place, the muscles replenish them selfs, the weight comes off. Rest gives the body a chance to work though your mind is in rest. Here are server all things to incorporate or lookout for when getting the adequate amount of rest you need. Which should be 7-9 hours for most people!