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Eating Myth: Eat corn bread to grow your booty!

Myth! Not true but this myth is passed down everywhere because people think you can eat a certain food and it’ll go to a certain spot. Genetics plays a huge role in where your fat storage is going to be on your body. To grow your booty, you have 3 options A. do workouts that work your booty like squats, deadlifts and lunges and eat protein and carbs to rebuild your booty muscle. B. Get Plastic surgery which cost an averge world wide of 8k or C. eat bad food, don’t workout and hope your fat storage is mainly in your booty.

Good workout to tone your Arms!

photo for blog 24Your arms are composed of 2 main muscles, that’s your biceps (top of your arms) and Triceps (3 headed muscle on the bottom of your arms) both need to be worked by varying of exercises. For the triceps I highly reccomend doing tricep cable press downs. Get a bar and hook it to the cable, make an L SHAPE with your arm at starting point and press down. Aim for 3-5 sets of 10-20 reps!

Do Squat Challenges work?

photo for blog 23Do squat challenges work?

I should phrase it, will a squat challenge help shape your booty?

Through social media, trainers and health experts we have seen a lot of advertisements about doing a 30 day squat challenge to tone up the booty. But do they work?

Both yes and no. They work to a certain extent, when you’re doing body weight squats you are essentially squatting the weight of your body, so for the first 1-30 days you will be challenging yourself if you are new to it. Eventually you will plateau and will need more weight to challenge and shape your leg and booty muscles.

So if you’ve never worked out then start with these booty squat challenges, but pay attention to your body when it’s time to start adding weight to your squats. So that you can continually tone your legs and shape your booty!

Proper form for back Row!

photo for blog 22Machine close grip back rows, are great for developing and sculpting those inner back muscles of yours. Wether you’re a guy who wants to look better in a tank or shirt, or just fill out a shirt more, or if you’re a woman who is wearing a strapless dress or a dress or tank that exposes the back, these are great! Make sure your form is right, your back should be straight and upright, and you should engage your back muscles by pushing them as you pull the weight towards you. You got this!

Only compare yourself to you!

When going for a new goal or achievment or something for a higher cause in life, always compare yourself to you. Don’t look left or right at the other person, don’t look at the person who has climbed the mountain and get down. Instead go to them for advice but keep your head up and focused on you!

Sore Muscles happy Pain!

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Have you ever taken note that in life success comes when you go through a pain, strech a challenge. Think about a doctor who goes to school for 8 years of pain, then has to take the Cat tests (more streching) jusst to go to school for another 4-8 years!! But when that doctor comes out, they are stronger, more prepared, and ready for their calling! Consider the same when you challenge your body this week and feel pain the next day, know that you will come out better, stronger muscles, tighter waist, and on your way to the best body of your life!

You are not what you eat….you are what you THINK!

photo for blog 21In fitness and health we see and hear the phrase “you are what you eat” and I honestly use to agree with that phrase, but have shifted viewsw and don’t agree at all. Take for example a healthy man or woman, who eats clean throughout the week, then has one cheat meal, they decided to have pork for breakfast. Does that make them a pig? NO!! You are what you think PEOPLE! You must first believe you are , what you want to become! Huh? What do you mean Dubs? I mean you must know what your goal is and become your goal, before you actually obtain your goal. A wife is a wife before she gets married. A singer is a singer before they get a record label, and you must become your goal, wether thats “fit” “strong” “toned” or “sexy” you must believe you are now before you get there, because if you get there and have the body, you’ll never truly beleive it and act out of it. Also it becaomes harder to reach a goal if you don’t completely buy into, you are what you think!