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What is dehydration?

The human body is 75 percent water. water is lost by sweating , urination, and breathing and you need to replace it every single day.

Dehydration is the state in which the body has replaced too little water fir it to properly function. this has various negative side effects like headaches, tiredness, weakness and in extreme cases death from dehydration.

Mid- Week Motivation

FOCUS: If you’re having mid-week slump and dont wanna workout, then focus on why you’re working out, Visualize the goal at stake. What Will your body look like, how will you feel?

If you’ve been working out a while now, think about how far you’ve come and what positive results you’ve experienced. You can do this! have a good Wednesday!

What does organic food mean or consist of?

photo for blog 34Organic food is free of artificial food additives and often has been raised and made with fewer artificial methods, materials, and condions, such as chemical ripening, food irradiation, and genetically modified ingredients. Pesticides are allowed as long as they aren’t synthetic.

To be certified organic, food products must be grown and manufactured in a manner that adheres to standards set by the governments of the countries they are sold in.

How oftern and How long should you train abs?

bodys by dubs photo 7How often and how long should I train my core?

Well first what is the core?:
The core is made up of the “rectus abdominals (commonly called the abdominal muscles)
The “external oblique’s which are on both sides of the rectus abdominals
The “internal oblique” located under the external oblique
And the “transverse abdominals” located under the obliques

Ok cool! So how often should I train my core?
Since the core is consisted of small muscles that recover relatively quick (24-48 hours recovery time) we recommend that if you’re just beginning training core then start at 2 times a week. As you advance the goal is to train your core 3 times a week. Logically though, you must match your workouts with your schedule so if you can only do 1 time a week, then do 1 time a week. That is better than 0 times a week.

Awesome! So how long should I work core?
The goal of a good workout is to stimulate the muscles to their maximum in the shortest time possible. Remember INTENSITY is KEY! So we recommend you do a minimum 10 minute workouts but a maximum 20 minutes to workout core.

Does fasted cardio Work with weight loss?

photo for blog 32Will fasted cardio help me lose weight or shred up?

Well first :
What is fasted cardio?

Most people think fasted cardio or fasted training is “training on an empty stomach” but fasted cardio differs in that it means training in a “fasted state” and this has to do with INSULIN LEVELS in your blood.

As you know when you eat food, it gets broken down into various molecules that your cells can use, these molecules are released into your blood. Insulin is released as well and it’s job is to shuttle these molecules into cells.

Your body enters a “fasted” state when it has finished absorbing all nutrients from the food you’ve consumed and insulin levels return to their normal “baseline” levels.

When you exercise your body in this state, fat loss is ACCELERATED.

So yes fasted cardio has weight loss benefits.

Source: Will Derave, Ann Merrens, Erik Muls, “Effects of post-absorptive and postprandial exercise on Glucoregulation in metabolic syndrome “

4 most common weight lifting injuries

photo for blog 314 most common ways people injure them selfs in the gym

1. Lifting more weight than you can handle: according to research conducted by scientist on behalf of the center for injury research and policy , the most common way people injure them selfs while weightlifting is dropping weights on themselves.

2. Using bad form: things like rounding your back in a deadlift. Or letting your knees bow during a squat.

3. Not warming up properly: a proper warm up routine should bring blood to the muscles that are about to be trained, increase suppleness, raise body temperature, and enhance free coordinate movement

4. The whole philosophy “no pain no gain” you must recognize when your just feeling the burn (from lactic acid or blood fill up to the area worked) or when you feel a injury which is typically sharp pain to the muscle, joint or bone. If the pain gets worse stop immediately.

If you do experience injury then follow the RICE theory.


What does body fat percentage mean?

photo for blog 30Your body fat percentage is a measurement of the fat you have in your body expressed as a percentage of your total body weight. So if your body fat percentage is 10 percent, that means that 10 percent of your weight is body fat.

Body fat is a more precise measurement of fat than the BMI as it directly measures the person’s fat no matter what that person’s body type is or how much weight in muscle that person has, factors that are not taken into account with the BMI.

Final the amount of fat your body needs to accomplish basic body functions for living is about 3 to 5 percent body fat in men and 8 to 12 percent in women.

How Much water should you drink a day?

photo for blog 29Some people say 64 ounces while others say a gallon, so what is it?

Here’s what we know: The human body is about 60% water in adult males and about 70% in adult females, and muscles alone are 70% water. This shows that syaying hydrated is important for maintaining optimal levels of health and body function. Your body’s ability to digest, transport and abosrb nutrients from food depends upon proper flued intake, and stying hydrated helps prevent injuries in the gym or during any workout by cushioning joints and other soft-tissue areas. To avoid dehydrations, the institue of medicine reported in 2004 that women should consume about 91 ounces of water or 3 quarts of a gallon per day and men should consume about 125 ounces per day and you know a gallon is 128 ounces.

source: Institute of medicine, Dietary Reference Intakes: Water, Potassium, Sodium, Chloride, and Sulfate (Washington, D.C: National Academies Press, 2005).