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80 Percent of success is just showing up!

One of my favorite quotes that I find to be true is that 80 percent of success is just showing up. Just showing up to the gym, because you’re more likely to workout if you just show up. If you just make the healthy food you’re more likely to eat it. So just show up and your chances of pushing through are greater.

Focus on Fat Loss!

Focus on fat loss!

Today too many people are consumed by what their weight scale says, hoping the number goes down. Here’s my question to you: what if the number doesn’t go down? Is it a bad thing? NO, if you’re feeling stronger, have more energy and losing inches then your doing great. Actually if you’re losing inches then you’re losing fat, remember fat is larger in size then muscle. So if you add 2lbs of muscle and lose 1lb of fat, guess what? Your scale will go up least 1 point. Now if you didn’t know what that meant, you might freak out, instead be proud of yourself because you’ve loss fat. People look much better when they add muscle (lean not too much) and lose fat, you’re able to keep your curves as a woman, you’re able to look more defined and chisled. When a person only loses weight, they become skinny fat, meaning flabby but skinny and thats not a good look, you want to be toned. So lift weights, do cardio and eat towards your goals.

Begin Your New Years Resolutions Today!

Start today, start now, if you havent made your new years resolutions, then make your mind to do them today. If you’re serious about losing weight, adding muscle or just getting healthier, then you don’t need to wait till January 1st or 2nd to get started on your goals. Start the moment you realize you need to change. One thing I’ve leanred in my life is that if a person has to postpone a goal to a certain day, normally that person won’t stick to it. Usually that person doesn’t like it so much that they wait to a certain day to begin aiming for that goal. Start now, start today!


In the world of sucess, CONSISTENCY is KEY! Staying consistent, to the work set forth, you will have set backs, like being out of town, being sick with a cold, being to worn out from working and moving all day, but consistency is what will get you to your goals. I recently had a cold and took 4 days off to recover, today I didn’t FEEL like going back to the gym to work legs, I knew it would be tough and grewling but I did it any way. I don’t say this at all to brag, but to encourage you, in your journey to remain consistent to the thing you said you would do long after feeling, mood has left you. Consistency is your key to success!

3 ingredients to muscle growth:

These are not in order because Each are equally important:

EAT to grow: means eating the correct amount of protein and carbs to feed your muscles after they’ve been torn down, to rebuild bigger and stronger.

PROGRESSIVE LOAD LIFTING: Each week lifting heavier than the previous weeks

SLEEP: your body wont do anything without the adequate amount of rest, for most people that’s 6-8 hours of sleep.

Do these 3 things correctly and you’ll build bigger stronger muscles!

Why HIIT train?

High intensity interval training:

I’m sure by now you’ve heard of this but still don’t know why it’s reccomended right? HIIT training is all out training style that gets your heart rate up, and allows for minimal rest. HIIT training has many benefits, first it gets in fat burning zones fast, second it’s relatively a short workout lasting anywhere from 15-30 minutes max, and third its typically fun and not boring because you should be mixing up the exercises. Hope you have a good Monday!