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Eggs are the best protein to intake

Eggs for years have been known the best quality protein to intake, your body processes eggs better than any protein available. That’s why body builders and fitness models intake so many eggs in their daily regimen. Per whole egg there’s 6-7 grams of protein, and per egg white there’s 3-4 grams of protein. It’s a lean protein with zero sugars and if you’re just consuming the egg white then there’s no fat. I highly encourage you to start consuming eggs on a regular basis. They are easy to cook and fun to season, I preferably like to season mine with hot cayenne pepper. But you can do salt and pepper or any combo that pleases your taste buds, just be mindful of calories on certain seasons. Have a great Sunday!photo for blog 61

6 days of workouts and 1 day of rest

If you ask me or most health experts, we would recommend 6 days of working out (lifting weights and cardio) Ideally 3-5 days of weights and 2-3 days of cardio for most people. remember lifting weights and taking short breaks works like a cardio workout because it becomes anaerobic (without oxygen) and keeps your body burning calories. At the end of the day you have to do what your body and schedule allows, so that maybe 3 days or 5 days a week of working out, but I highly recommend 1 day of rest for your body to recover. Have a good Monday!

How long should I work each muscle?

I recommend smaller muscles 15-20 minutes each, so that’s your biceps, triceps, shoulders, calves and abs. For bigger muscles legs, chest and back should be 30-45 minutes each. It shouldn’t take 1 hour or more to work one muscle group, that means you’re working them too long, either your rest time is too long or you’re doing too many exercises. Remember when working out INTENSITY is key!

Need Energy to kick start your workouts?….Treadmill sprints

Have you ever arrived to the gym lacking energy? We all have several times I’m sure, If not then I may be the only one. And typically the way you start something is how you’ll probably finish. You start a sluggish workout, it may end up being a sluggish workout. I recommend you doing treadmill sprints but only 2-3 of them. Hop on a treadmill for 3 minutes at a cruising pace, and go up each minute. When you get to the 3 minute mark run your first sprint, then walk for a minute and repeat 1-2 more times and you’ll hop off hopefully with a light sweat and a heart beating for a workout!

Learn to cook your own food

Become a chef at your home. Start cooking your own food. There’s many benefit’s to cooking your own food. First you can chose to eat healthy, you’ll know whats going into your food and you can cook healthy foods without using high calorie seasonings that restaurants use. Second you save alot of money if you cook in BULK and eat all that you cook before going out to eat. Average meal to eat out is 12.75, average person spends $232 a month on going out to eat. What if you could just cut that in half? or 1/3 of that, now you have an extra $100-$150 in your pocket. Third you save time, yes cooking takes time but once it’s done, you just go to your fridge when you’re hungry and grab a meal. Begin to cook your own food. Lose weight, save time, and for blog 59

Prepare your mind: It’s Sunday

If I had to chose 1 day out of the week as the most important day, honestly I’d say everyday you live is, but if I had to chose 1 day only, then for most people I would chose Sunday. Why? Because Sunday is the last day of the weekend, the day before the first day of the week. Sunday is a day we should prepare our minds, in my opinion it should be a day of resting and preparing the mind for the upcoming week. How will you approach this week, what will you be eating (meal prepping should be done today). What kind of workouts will you be doing, high rep, low rep, heavy weight light weight, cardio. Sunday is a day to prepare your mind!

Cardio: 25-35 Minutes…DONE

I had someone ask me today “are your workouts really done in 25-35 minutes” and I responded with “yes that’s all you need.” The Main goal in your workout is INTENSITY. Today I was at the gym working arms and calves, I was in and out in 30 minutes or less. Over the years people have always asked “how do you even get a workout in?” My answer is like the Rock Dwayne Johnson “FOCUS” …you should be focused when you’re in the gym, you’re going to naturally want to rest but instead always have a timer on your phone or in your head going off, saying “next set, next set” When you approached the gym with high intensity, you will first save time, maximize your workouts because you will be using as many muscle fibers as possible as well as burn fat because your heart rate will be up. So get in and get out! Have a good Friday!

Be the best Version of YOU

Become the best you. Become the best version of you. A chair can’t be a couch, and a couch can’t be a chair. A chair can attempt to be a couch but it would never become a couch or be as good as a couch could be because it wasn’t created for that.

Same example applies to you. Become the best version of yourself. Maximize Yourself, your Talents!

Have a great Tuesday!