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Partner Workouts!

Do you have a partner to workout with, or have you ever thought about having one? Partner’s can be extremely beneficial in helping each other reach your goals. For me personally, whenever I have the right partner, I end up working out at a higher intensity, lifting heavier weights, and pushing my body to the limit.

What to look for in a partner?

1. The most important characteristic you should look for in a partner is someone who will push you, someone who will challenge you. I recommend you not to work with someone who’s going to just clown around at the gym, you can take them with you but I’d put my headphones in and get to work.

How about someone on the same level? If you’re aiming to gain more muscle mass or training for a competition then yes I’d say same level but if it’s just over all getting or staying in great shape then just find someone who will push you and you will push them!photo for blog 72

What’s a good pre-workout?

This is a common question that needs to be address, what is a good pre workout? First lets ask what are we looking to accomplish with a pre workout? That would be energy that will last us long enough for a workout right? So something like complex carbs or long lasting carbs would best fit us. For me I always recommend to go as natural as you can, so something like a bowl of oatmeal and some turkey bacon, or 1-2 bananas and some egg whites. Can a person do pre workout drinks? Of course, some can be loaded with different chemicals or too much caffeine so I don’t always recommend it but it definitely works as a pre workout. Always consume your pre workout 20-30 minutes before your workout to give you blood sugar time to rise.