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The longer your workout, the more you’re wasting time…

Long workouts are the thing of the past. It use to be thought that workouts should be an hour long for you to achieve results. While it’s true you will achieve results in an hour workout, it’s a waste of time when you cant get it done in 20-45 minutes. Intensity is key!

The number 1 cause of injury

The number one cause of injury is pre-injury. Muscles that have been previously hurt, like shoulders, knees, back are susceptible to injuring again. That’s why if you ever injury apart of your body, you need to take precaution on using the right form and weight so you don’t do it again.

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Here’s an effective weight loss workout done in 20 minutes!

I do these at least once a week now, they are SPRINTS. They are great because they get the heart rate up, sprints get you into fat burning zones. Not only is it cardio but they are also working your muscles. Do this workout:

10 sprints at speed 7.0-10.0 (chose a speed that challenges you) do each sprint for 50 seconds, super set every sprint with a uphill walk at speed 3.0 incline 10.0-15.0. You’ll be sweating!

What’s breakfast look like for you?

When you initially hear breakfast, what comes to your mind? Seriously…is it doughnuts? Pancakes? bagels? cereal with milk? Muffins? I’ll be honest with you, 10 years ago that’s what came to my mind, until I began to thoroughly study nutrition and what foods we should be putting in our body’s. So what foods should they be?

High nutrient foods is the answer. Every meal should have a complete protein, a complex carbohydrate and a water. So when you think breakfast for protein you should think, eggs, almonds, nuts, turkey meat, chicken, fish, protein bars and shakes. For complex carbs you should think oatmeal, rice, fruit, quinoa. This is going to help you reach your goals and be healthier.