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The best type of cardio for fat loss is…

Sprints! Ditch the 60 minutes of treadmill, or elliptical, or the long walks on the beach, the best form of cardio for fat loss is sprints. It’s been proven through various studies that 4-5 sprints of 30 seconds burns more fat than 60 minutes of treadmill walking. So what are you waiting for, go get a tiger behind you and sprint!

How many for each muscle should I do?

Most people go to the gym without knowing how many of each exercise to do, how many reps, how many sets, how long to rest in between sets? So I will answer all of these questions, the first is how many sets should you do, I aim to complete 9-12 sets per muscle. For the bigger muscle groups like legs, back and chest you can aim for 12-15 to really work those muscles in detail and use as much muscle fiber available.

Reverse crunches for lower abs!

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Here’s a good workout for the lower abs, that if done properly, will challenge and shape up your lower abs while keeping your spine safe.

Perform these on the floor, the key is getting your but off the ground (that’s your starting point) from their use your lower abs to life your butt off higher unill your upper back is all that’s all that is on the ground. Then slowly return to starting position for 1 rep.

Must I drink a protein shake after a workout?

You just finished crushing legs, shoulders and abs and your nutrition plan calls for a 30-40 gram protein shake. So you’re not in the mood for it and rather have a nice meal with you family or friends, what should you do? I recommend having a high protein meal! Yes the best sources of protein are all natural. Eggs, chicken, fish, beef, steak, nuts, and beans. Those are the best sources of protein, and as a fact eggs are ranked number 1 for protein intake because your body processes eggs the best. The reason why it’s suggested to have a shake is because there’s a 30 minute time frame that your body absorbs the most protein and shakes have been shown to be the best way to get it in that time frame.