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A workout for today

Here’s a good HIIT total body workout for you to do today. It’s 2 minutes of an exercise, followed by a 1 minute rest

jog 2 minutes


5 shoulder wide squats with 5 forward lunges 2 minutes


10 mini crunches with 10 pushups


jumping jacks 2 minutes


5 wide squats with 5 reverse lunges


10 bicycle crunches with 10 triangle pushups


high knees 2 minutes


5 close squats with 5 reverse lunges


10 reverse crunches with 10 close pushups


The flow of a workout

How should a workout go? What’s the flow of a workout? If a typical workout is 30-60 minutes then what should it look like and in what order? First you should begin with your warm to get blood pumping and get your muscles loose. This is a mild 5-10 minutes of cardio, whether that’s on the treadmill, elliptical or rowing machine. Next you want to go into a compound movement for the muscle group you are focusing on, let’s say it’s back and chest. You will begin with a pull up or dead-lift and flat or incline bench. Before going into your heavy sets, begin with 1-2 light sets of 20-30 percent of your 1 max rep. Rep this weight out 15-20 times for 1-2 sets to get those muscles ready for the workout. Next go into your workout beginning with the compound exercise. Here you want to do 3-5 sets at heavy weight for low reps. Your workout should consist of 2-3 compound exercises per muscle and 2-3 light isolation exercises per muscle. For back that would be back flies or some light rows or extensions. For chest that would be chest flies or cable resistant workouts for the chest with high reps. After that you can work abs for another 10-15 minutes then cool down with some targeted stretches. And that’s your workout flow.

If I could offer any advice on eating it would be to

If I could offer any advice on eating, or one piece of advice on eating it would be to eat a high protein diet. Carbs and Fats are extremely important to but more than anything the concentration should be on your protein consumption.

There’s several reasons supporting this theory but starting with one, protein has the number 1 filling effect of any nutrient. Gram per gram protein fills you up more than Carbs, starches, fats or anything else out there. With that said, the key to maintaining a weight is eating enough so that you are full but not over full. Just have one 40-50 gram protein shake and wait for 20 minutes to eat anything else and I guarantee you that you wont be eating much. The protein I use is 120 calories per scoop , every scoop is 24 grams of protein. So when I do 48-50 grams of protein that’s only 240 calories if I am adding water only. So protein fills you up, it’s low in calories for most healthy selections, and lastly it’s easy to prepare and consume. Think about making a protein shake, just add water and stir or shake, buy a protein bar, cook some meat on the skillet or oven. So high protein diet in most cases is the way to go to reach your goals.

Constantly snack on high protein food sources

As a fitness trainer, I recommend my clients to always stay full, and stay full off the right foods. Let’s face it, you’re going to get hungry throughout the day, so instead of feeling bad for getting hungry and starving yourself, or gorging on foods. I recommend you think of your high protein sources like eggs, nuts, lean meats like chicken, turkey and fish, or protein shakes and bars. Chose 1 or a couple of those and eat from those sources, there’s no reason to starve yourself, and if you’re eating from the right sources then you wont overdue it and it’ll go towards building muscle first then fat storage. You’re in better hands when you stick to high protein foods.

Should I take a pre-workout?

Should I take a pre-workout? That’s a great question everyone who’s working out should consider, why? Because you maybe lacking energy or stamina, or you may see people who brag about their pre-workouts.

My question to you is, during your workouts (pay attention to your body) are you tired or sluggish or lack enough energy to do a full workout? If so then the answer is yes you need a pre-workout. Some people always need pre workouts because they workout at an inconvenient time where their bodies need energy to function. Others like myself, typically workout at a time where my energy levels are up but, some days I’ll have to workout early or late and need that energy to get going.

Energy is everything when it comes to your workouts, you want them to be intense and going at full force. As a lifter you want to be able to lift the maxium you can lift and when it comes to cardio, you want to be able to move at the speed and as long as the longevity of the workout.

Lastly pre workouts don’t have to be the high caffeinated drinks, but instead they can be a fruit or glass of authentic fruit juice and run 3-5 sprints for 50 seconds to get your heart rate up to workout.

Should I eat before my workout?

Your workout is set for tomorrow morning at 6am and your body is not use to eating that early in the morning. So you don’t know whether to eat 30 minutes before or to just eat after your workout is done. The truth is you can do either or, you can eat before your workout, in this case you would need to eat 20-30 minutes prior to your workout so that you give your body enough time to gain energy for your workout. Or you can try working out on an empty stomach which has shown to have tremendous fat loss benefits through research. If you notice that you have no energy during your workout on a fasted stomach then I highly suggest getting some carbs in before you workout. This can be a serving of fruit, a couple slices of whole grain bread, a small cup of pasta, or even a cup of brown rice to get your energy levels up and going for your workout.

How long should I rest in between sets?

Ok so we’ve discussed how many sets per workout, how many reps per set. Now you’re wondering what is the rest time between sets. Remember a set is an number of reps performed in a movement or exercise. So 5 reps of wide barbell curls or 5 reps of squats. After you finish your last rep I recommend short breaks, and I use this style of training and learned it from Arnold S and other major people in body building and personal training. I believe in keeping the heart rate up and keeping those muscles fatigued so that your putting more demand on your body to recruit new muscle fibers. Typically my rest are 20-30 seconds, now other master trainers recommend 2-3 minutes in between sets.There’s nothing wrong with theory, in fact studies have shown that resting more works as well, especially when building mass.

How many reps per set should I do?

We’ve discussed how long your workouts should be, and how many sets should take place. Now the question is how many reps in each set should I complete? I’m going to keep this simple and specific as possible, studies have shown that 4-6 reps is how many you should perform per each set for maximal results. What??? I can hear you asking questions now, and saying things like “I thought 20, or 30,” Nope. Trust me I use to be the guy in the gym pumping out 20-30 reps until my arms got tight as possible, and thinking I was getting closure to my goals and I wasn’t. What studies have shown is that you want to lift weight that is 70-85% of your 1 max rep, and rep it 4-6 times for 3-5 sets! Pair this with eating towards your goals and you will have the best body of your life!

Always start with heavy compound exercises

The best advice I can give for people aiming to lose weight, add muscle or just maintain is to begin every workout with 2-3 heavy compound lifts. These lifts include, dead-lifts, squats, bench press, military press, lunges, dips, pull-ups, chin-ups or even bar rows for back. Reason why is because these movements work more muscles at once, causing your body to have to work harder and engage more muscles at once. Because of that you will burn more calories and challenge more muscles in your body.