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How to target belly fat?

Belly fat is the most stubborn fat we as individuals have on our bodies. It’s the fat that we can’t seem to get rid of no matter how hard we try. The truth is you can’t directly target any fat, but you can make changes to your diet that will affect the stomach positively. You see fat enzymes are stored in the stomach area heavily for most men and for women they’re typically waist and below, but some women have fat enzymes stored in the stomach just like a mans body. The key (shown in studies) is eliminating the product called “wheat” it’s been shown to induce longer insulin spikes which directly target the belly fat in most cases. So begin eliminating wheat in your body.

Your body is craving insulin spikes

Your body is not craving sweets, or calories, or bagels or pizza. No don’t be fooled by those sayings. It sounds logical because you’re extremely hungry and all you can think about is a big slice of pizza, or a piece of chocolate or doughnut. The reason why you’re thinking of those is because each of those items has something in common. All 3 are major insulin spiker’s , meaning each of those cause your pancreas to release more insulin then other foods like veggies, and certain fruits and meats. You body is addicted to the insulin surges, once you keep those at normal levels, you’ll find it simple to eat healthier and lose weight!

Best things to order from Starbucks

Starbucks is one of the best places to get coffee, sit down and relax, or do work. The only thing is they have really good tasting drinks that are hard not to consume. I recommend most things from Starbucks, just make sure to let them know you want no sweetener. Most of their drinks are fine, but it’s the sugar that gets most people.

Desperate calls for desperate measures

The old saying goes “Desperate calls for desperate measures”…you can apply this to health and wellness in the sense that when you’ve reached a point where you can’t take anymore. When you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. When you want to succeed as bad as you want breathe, when the pain of complacency grows bigger then the fear of change/risk. It’s at this point you’ll make decisions about your health, you’ll change your diet, you’ll begin to workout. You’ll stop smoking, stop drinking, and ultimately become healthier.

Why won’t my weight come off my stomach? Or arms?

When talking about weight loss, we always want to target certain areas of our bodies. Even though we may have lost 10 or 20 pounds, we still want to lose it in certain areas. For many it’s the face, stomach, legs or combo. The reason why are obvious, these are our most commonly exposed areas. But you have to remember that weight comes off differently for different folks, and eventually it’ll come off everywhere you want. So stay with it!

Celebrate every Victory

I know you have an end goal, a final goal or resolutions of being somewhere. Maybe its to lose 100 pounds or drop down 3 dress sizes. That’s all great, but before all that I want you to focus on celebrating every victory. That’s where the drive comes from, if you focus solely on the big goal, then you ignore the small victories in between which can lead to disappointment. Instead celebrate every victory, a whole week of eating healthy, or 1 inch lost in 2 weeks. Or 1 pound lost in a month, learn to celebrate every victory.

Is this the way I should eat for life??? Diet Problems

You’ve started a new way of eating, for breakfast you have a 30-40 gram protein shake and a cup of berries. For lunch you have chicken breast, 1 cup of brown rice and 1 cup of broccoli. You have a snack around 2-3pm and it’s a 40 gram protein bar. And for dinner you’re having salmon with asparagus, all while consuming half your body weight in water every day. It’s become a mundane routine, and now you’re down 11 pounds in 4 weeks and you’re wondering is this the normal way of eating for life??

My answer to that is yes, this is the way you’re supposed to eat but you still need 1 day a week of cheat meals. This means eating like this 6 days a week, then on the 7th day I recommend starting with a 30 gram protein shake and after that forcing all the foods you crave into your system. And Starting back to day 1 with your eating, this is how you keep the body you want year around!

Did you know red wine is good for you?

Yes red wine is good for you. How? You may ask? Red wine is first good for the heart, it helps lower bad cholesterol or LDL, which are the small dense particles in our bodies that cause heart problems. Also Red wine is a natural sleep aid because it thins out our blood, enabling us to fall asleep faster and longer. Red wine has anti breast cancer benefits, multiple studies have cited the benefits of drinking red wine and how it combats cancer cells in the breast. Lastly red win has a score of 0 on the glycemic index, which means it has no affect on our blood sugar, less insulin spikes and less fat added to our bodies. So drink red wine in moderation, 1-2 5oz glasses a day. Remember it does have around 125 calories per 5oz cup, meaning it’ll have some affect on blood sugar if you get carried away.

Why does fat accumulate on my stomach?

You maybe noticing that your arms are for the most part fine, and legs are fine as well, but for some reason you have fat on your stomach. And you want to get it off ASAP. Well the reason you have fat on your stomach is because that’s where your fat enzymes are stored on your body. They are held in your stomach for most men, and most women post menopause. For women in general fat enzymes are stored hips and lower, that’s why most woman gain fat and curves at the same time. For men its directly in the stomach, where we store fat. The only way to lose it, is to eat foods that are low in sugar and lift heavy weights!

Focused energy during workout

The key to a successful workout is focused energy. It’s not being distracted during workouts. It’s not taking your eye off of your workout, no instead it is focused driven workouts where you know what you need to do next and you’re goal is to get it done the best you can do it.