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Reasons to workout

1. To be healthier

2. To look good for wedding

3. To fit into certain clothes

4. To look good on tv

5. To look good for a certain event

6. To win a weight loss competition

7. to be a good example for your family

8. To have a six pack

9. To have an 8 pack

10. to have a nice booty

11. to max out your jeans lol

12. To accomplish something for yourself

There you go, several reasons for you to workout!

Where to shop in the grocery store for health?

When in the grocery store (in home personal trainer dallas) look on the outer isles where the food section is located. This is where you will find (personal trainer dallas) your meats, produce, cheeses, and these are the safest areas to be in the market. When you go into the isles is when you reach danger zones at the market.

Burn 300-500 calories just sitting for 15 minutes

Yes you hear me right, you can burn 300-500 extra calories just sitting for 15 minutes. There’s a catch to it, you have to sit in the sauna for 15 minutes, saunas start around 110 degrees f. And can go up to 180 degrees. I’ve personally done it several times in my life and it has a lot of positive benefits to it. First saunas are great natural detoxes, they get out the toxins we have in our bodies wether from food, drinks, or environmental circumstances. Second they help us clear up our skin, less acne and rashes, third saunas are great for healing diseases because they get the toxins out of our body. Lastly saunas are good for weight loss, studies have shown you can burn an additional 300-500 calories in a sauna in just 15 minutes. So try a sauna, start where you can tolerate, even if it’s just 5 minutes, work your way to 7, then 10 then 12 then 15 minutes, just 2 times a week. 2 times a week totallying 30 minutes is a good way to be healthier for you. Make sure to follow with a cold shower and rest!

Pareto principal for your fitness goals.

The Pareto principal states that 20% of what you do produces 80% of your results. So if you can find the 20% in every aspect of your lifts. That is lifting 70-80% of 1 max rep, 3-6 reps for 3-4 sets on compound movements will help you achieve optimal lean muscle gains. It’s saying you can eat badly 20% of the week and reach your goals. Success doesn’t take much, it takes a concentrated 20% of the work.