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I am a Keto fan!

Yes I said it. I am a fan of the Keto diet. The high fat, high protein low carb diet. I’ve seen it work for clients and I know it can work. Why? Because it has the same principals of any diet that works. It’s low carbs, low on the stuff that causes insulin spikes. So this diet is great with weight loss.

The 7′s of weight lifting

One trick to exhausting your muscles completely and rebuilding them to be stronger and building is the Lucky 7′s. This is 7 reps (personal training dallas) from beginning to mid point, 7 reps from mid point to end point then finally (personal trainer dallas) 7 reps of the full motion. Do this to completely exhaust your muscle at the end of your workout. Do just 3 sets and you’ll feel it.

Most people try to outwork a bad diet

Most people try to outwork their bad “did I eat today”. I see everyday people outside running miles in the heat and still looking the same. I see guys I play basketball with at the gym (in home personal trainer dallas) looking the same year after year. I see people pounding it away on the treadmill every year at different gyms only to look the exact same year after year. The reason is because they’re trying to outwork a bad diet. Last year I found myself falling into that mouse trap. I put on 20-25 pounds and couldn’t seem to get it off as fast as I use to. So before or after a bad meal, I’d go for a 2-3 mile run, I’d hop on the treadmill and challenge myself with sprints until I was drenched in sweat. I’d feel so good about it until I look at my stomach and notice it was just getting bigger and bigger. I had fallen into the rat race, I was trying to outwork a bad diet.

Once I realize the mistakes I was making, I made a decision to change my daily eating, more fruits, more veggies and legumes and lean meats. I cut out all refined carbs and sugars like sugar in my coffee (personal trainer dallas) bread, pastas, cereals outside of oatmeal. And instantly I saw my weight drop. I felt lighter and had more energy. I learned to not outwork a bad diet instead eat right and workout less!

D.I.E.T= Did I Eat Today?

Diet has had such a negative cogitation for so long. We look at it as a grueling process of eating something like chicken and broccoli 3 times a day and drinking a gallon of water. Some people take it to the extreme of 800-1200 calories a day so you’re eating like a bird and you’re hungry 24/7 but diet should stand for Did I eat today. On my meal plans you are constantly eating, the main goal is to keep you full. But keeping you full of the right foods. Did I eat today?

It’s not a cheat meal, it’s a well deserved meal

Let’s stop calling it a cheat meal and start calling it a well deserved meal. Cheat meals just sound so bad, it has a negative cogitation to it. Makes it sound like its bad but we’re going to do bad. Let’s be real, it’s a meal you really like and crave, and if it weren’t for your fitness goals then you would eat what ever you wanted. So these meals are a reward for when we eat well and workout, they are reward meals. Let’s call them well deserved meals.

Sunday Inspiration

What gets measured, gets managed.

Once you grasp and practice this concept, you’ll see results flourish. If you have a formula made from reliable sources (more than one source and proven and documented) then you’ll be able to almost predict your results.

If you don’t have this (in home personal trainer dallas) down then it’ll take some practicing with them numbers but you’ll get it down in no time.

Where your focus is, your actions will follow

Where your focus is your actions will follow. If you’re focused on getting work done today, then you’ll get work done today. If your focus is on working out and having a really good workout, then you will have a great workout. Chances are your workout will be even better then you envisioned. If your focus is you don’t want to workout, don’t feel like working out then your actions will follow. Today let our focus be where our goals are, lets get it!

3 Moves to Enhance your Chest Muscle

1. Doing heavy and exhaustion sets on incline bench, so heavy sets with reps from 1-5 70-80% of your max weight, and finishing with a high rep of half that weight, on this set you want to aim for 100 reps

2. Adding in isolations at high reps like chest flies and decline chest flies

3. Push ups and dips!