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Should I take a pre workout?

Pre Workout drinks are highly marketing in the fitness industry. With claims of more energy, more muscle, burn more fat and build major muscle. These claims sound very impressive, to the point you may get one. My advice is to first know what do you want it for? If it’s strictly for energy because you lack it then I would advise you to try other solutions first. Such as eating 30-50 carbs 30 minutes prior to workout. Carbs are our muscles natural source of energy, they fill up our glycogen storage which fuels our muscles. If that doesn’t work then I’d recommend drinking a serving of fruit. 8oz of apple juice or orange juice, then doing 3 sprints on treadmill to get your energy levels up. And if that doesn’t work then look for a good natural energy drink.

To conclude I’m not the biggest fan of energy drinks, but I am a big fan of working out. And if you are under fatigued situations then you must find a way to get energy, maybe it’s an early workout or late night or you’re just plain tired, then look into an energy drink for yourself.

Working out doesn’t cause weight loss

Working out by itself doesn’t cause weight loss, unless accompanied by eating towards your goals. You have to eat right and workout to reach your health goals. Working out will burn those additional calories, but it’ll make you hungrier so that you’ll eat to compensate the calories lost.
Therefore, you must eat right and workout to reach your goals faster!