Corona Virus Workout

Hey Everyone! I know right now it’s tough in a-lot of areas of life since most places are closed. Including Gyms! So I’ll be sending weekly workouts to help you stay fit. Feel free to use:

Workout A: Total Body + Legs+ Core

4×8 dumbbell squats (use challenging weights once form is good)—4×15 squat to press up (——4 planks at 10 seconds each 4 sets (

4×8 dumbbell squat deadlifts in front (use challenging weights) (use dumbbells or barbell ——4×10 reverse lunge to lateral raise(——plank with 5 lateral taps (with out the leg band

4×20 leg curl machine (use light weight)—4×20 leg extension machine (use light weight) —— plank with 10 vertical taps (