My Favorite Workouts? : TIME UNDER TENSION

What is time under tension?

Simply put its the time which you put your muscles under tension on either the concentric phase or eccentric phase of a lift. The concentric phase of a squat is when you go down, the eccentric phase is when you come up. So the pace at which you do either movement determines your TUT.

How to perform TUT?

There’s no 1 way to anything in fitness or nutrition. We can add muscle through a squat or a leg press. We can loss weight through a calorie deficit or through limiting carbs. So you can do a 3 second concentric phase and a 1 second eccentric phase or a 3 second on both phases. The point is to put your muscles under tension longer so that they tear down more, burn more fat and build more lean muscle.

Benefits of TUT?

1. Muscles torn down more

2. Recruit new muscle fibers

3. Burn fat

4. Feel exhausted

5. Faster workouts!