Skip the bread this Christmas and New Years

This Christmas, aim to skip the bread. When you’re at home having family and friends over, look for items that have no bread in them. These will be your meats, veggies and fruits. Now for items that have bread in them, either skip them or take the bread out. So for example, hot dogs or hamburgers, just take the bread off and eat them without the bread. Have a Merry Christmas!

Increase progress load is an indicator of progress!

Not soreness, not “no pain no gain”, not throwing up, not turning red, or can’t walk after a workout. None of those are indicators of progress, indicator of progress is doing more, lifting more weight than you did before. Doing more reps on the final stage or doing more weight!

Benefits of working out!

It’s Monday, and I know we hear about working out all the time but lets list the benefits of workout out:

1. More energy

2. Muscle to protect your bones

3. More endurance through your day

4. You will burn more calories at rest

5. Feel better overall

December 2, 2018

December 2, 2018 is a new day for you. It’s a new day for you to go for your goals, a new day for you to enjoy. Today is a day to choose to workout, to eat right. Every decision you make today is making for new you tomorrow. The saying goes “you’re born looking like your family, but you die looking like your decisions” what decisions will you make to better yourself today?

It’s about making the majority of your decisions to align with your purpose, to make the majority of your decisions to match your goals. Whats the majority, well 70-80% of your decisions should match what ever it is you so desire. If you desire to loose weight and you make 10 decisions today then 7-8 of them should align with weight loss goals. That is eating, thoughts,workouts, meal planning, meal buying, meal prepping, clothes you buy, things you watch, things you read. All of that should align with weight loss.

When you do this, you’ll begin to see results. But it’s not enough to do it one day, you must do it everyday. 70-80 % of your week, 70-80 % of your month, 70-80% of your year, and finally 70–80% of your decade. And you’ll look back 10 years later and say WOW I did it!

You can go somewhere bad and still eat good! (healthy)

Hi, all the time (in home personal trainer dallas) I am ask where do you go for coffee? And I respond “McDonalds” and it just shocks people. Or someone will call me while I’m in the middle of the drive thru and they’ll hear the attendant say “welcome to mcdonalds, how may I help you” after hearing that they flip out and think I’m going to food hell lol. But I am not, instead I am just having their delicious coffee. There’s nothing wrong with going to bad places to order healthy things. If you have self control. That’s the key, you can go to the bar and order a glass of red wine or just a soda water for hydration. Just because you are there doesn’t mean you’re doing wrong, just have self control and make the right decisions.

When hungry, think Nuts!

Cashews, almonds, pistachios, walnuts, sunflower seeds, stock up on all these kinds of nuts and more. I aim to keep almonds or cashews in my pantry so that whenever I am hungry I grab a handful, usually 10-20 and have at it. They’re great snacks to hold you over until your next meal or to just keep you from over eating!

Should I take a pre workout?

Pre Workout drinks are highly marketing in the fitness industry. With claims of more energy, more muscle, burn more fat and build major muscle. These claims sound very impressive, to the point you may get one. My advice is to first know what do you want it for? If it’s strictly for energy because you lack it then I would advise you to try other solutions first. Such as eating 30-50 carbs 30 minutes prior to workout. Carbs are our muscles natural source of energy, they fill up our glycogen storage which fuels our muscles. If that doesn’t work then I’d recommend drinking a serving of fruit. 8oz of apple juice or orange juice, then doing 3 sprints on treadmill to get your energy levels up. And if that doesn’t work then look for a good natural energy drink.

To conclude I’m not the biggest fan of energy drinks, but I am a big fan of working out. And if you are under fatigued situations then you must find a way to get energy, maybe it’s an early workout or late night or you’re just plain tired, then look into an energy drink for yourself.

Working out doesn’t cause weight loss

Working out by itself doesn’t cause weight loss, unless accompanied by eating towards your goals. You have to eat right and workout to reach your health goals. Working out will burn those additional calories, but it’ll make you hungrier so that you’ll eat to compensate the calories lost.
Therefore, you must eat right and workout to reach your goals faster!