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Meal plans are HUGE for me, Fitness is a 3 part equation:

Desire (in your mind-do you want it bad?) Nutrition (meals you eat) and Workouts.

I put it in that order for a reason, before you can even begin to accomplish your goals (any goal, fitness or non fitness related) your mind has to be made up and determined come hell to hot water that it will get done! Meals are the second most important part, you can be the most determined person and workout super hard, but if you're not eating correctly, you will only get so far. And lastly but still very important, is the workout, which without the workout you're only going to accomplish so much, but the workout is what will contour your body to the shape you been desiring.

Without all 3 of these you will run into a ceiling, but if you use all 3 correctly (with my guidance) you can achieve the body YOU desire! With that being said, I provide meal plans based on our first interview, here's where we will discuss all the facets of fitness, specifically meals like what you should be eating and what you should not be eating. I will give you a personalized meal plan that will get you on a jump start to your goals, also I will provide 24/7 consultation, so if you ever have a question about anything food or fitness related then you can call me and I'll be on call to help. Lastly we will do weekly checkups on what you're eating and how it's going for you.


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